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  1. sadhart

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    I'm sorry as this will be a rambling mess. I just got off of work and work was very stressful. I was placed on a line that I don't work regularly and made mistakes. On top of that, the line ran late and I almost missed the bus. I had to tell the line leader that I couldn't continue with the cleanup of the line as this was the last bus for the night. So I'm sure that made me look unreliable on top of all the mistakes.

    There's other stuff...I've mentioned in past threads that I stay at a recovery house. Well, I'm tired of being there and am ready to move somewhere with more privacy. I just feel really discouraged overall in recovery/, it just doesn't seem to matter sometimes.

    Let's see...what else...the holidays sucked, I can't stop hurting from past wounds and I just feel really hopeless right now. I really don't want to deal with tomorrow,
  2. Petal

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    Hiya, don't feel so bad about work, you did the best of your ability. Well done on being sober, that#s a major achievement. I know you had a bad day but to try to keep in mind that there will be many good days ahead of you. I am gad you posted here, that's a start :)
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