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Very scared

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by BlueGuitar, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. BlueGuitar

    BlueGuitar Member


    I have just found this forum. I'm in a desperate state due to being possibly implicated in someone else's financial dealings that are possibly fraudulent. The trouble is the other person is a very close relative. It's wrecking the family. I fear being the subject of prosecution and losing my home and suchlike. And I fear the close relative involved will be in trouble and sever contact, something that's bad enough in itself.

    I suffer from suicidal feelings anyway due to how generally tough my life has been and how I've not been able to cope with the various grenades life has regularly placed in my lap.

    I'm in the UK. I've been thinking of going to the Accident & Emergency to talk this over, something I've done before.

    I've tried to talk to family members and the people directly affected by this issue and they are either refusing to talk about it or too distressed to talk about it. Some of these family members are too old to have to deal with the stress of this too, including one recovering from a life-changing road accident.
  2. IWantToBelieve

    IWantToBelieve Active Member


    I'm sorry you are in this situation. I think it's natural to be concerned about what may happen, but in the end, anything that doesn't allow you to respond better to the situation itself from a practical point of view is something you should try to minimize.

    I'd say you are doing the right thing: Seeking help. Continue to do so and to share your emotions with people that have gone through the same situations.

    Losing stuff is scary. Losing people you love, losing what you own, losing your mind...

    I have lost quite a few things in the last few years, and it has been very difficult. I have been very scared too, like you. All that I can say is that it takes a lot of work to be able to adapt and accept things the way they are. Ask yourself what truly matters. What is the worst case scenario for you? What would that mean for you? Could you still be happy if the worst case scenario were to take place? How could you find happiness under those conditions? It's all a matter of how you approach things.

    Recently researchers found that it's not money or posessions that make people happy, but meaningful experiences in their life. That thought in itself helped me a lot confronting my recent problems.

    Good luck, and take care!
  3. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    Welcome, and good luck with the financial proceedings. Let us know how it goes.
  4. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Best deal with this before anything happens.

    Report the relative to the police - a thief is a thief and if he is robbing elderly relatives - he deserves to go to jail - that's just reality.

    So - don't wait to be pushed - jump - I mean jump to your own defence - set in motion the defence now.

    As soon as you find out fraud is committed - the law says you have to report it.

    So report it bro!

    Do NOT worry about losing your home - plus - if you have depression- make sure that is part of the defence as we may as well get some use from it!!!

    See a debt advise centre - were do you live in the UK - rough idea - not your address! I mean there is lots of help for debt advise and you could see someone Monday Tuesday so do not worry!!!

    You got options.

    If the family is too busy crying the blues - or trying to protect this relative - that is stupid - he robbed you all! = or tried to! So seek help its not as bad as you think it is!!!

    And see your doctor - book on the phone in Sunday night (some surgeries have this auto booking system) or phone 8.00am and get an appointment.

    IF you feel like you might do something - vent here - and if you have to go to the ER - but - I think you ought to hold out till Monday and - maybe see the police tomorrow.

    Try to relax a little mate - don't think the worse - I seen lots of cases like this!


    My sympathy also.
  5. BlueGuitar

    BlueGuitar Member

    Thanks guys.

    The trouble is I think the person involved may consider suicide too. We're a 'respectable' family that never has problems with the law.

    And nothing's been concealed so there's nothing to cover up as far as the authorities are concerned. It's complicated.

    I really don't know how I'm going to get through this.
    I'm going out tonight, I'd rather not but I bought the ticket months ago and don't wanna waste the cash. I know I'm gonna go there, be surrounded by people and still feel terrible, I've been crying all day.
  6. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Hey mate - does not matter of your family is a family of saints and angels - we can ALL get into trouble with the law - because all it needs is one bad seed and - pop - the family has to deal with the law.

    Hey - the law is an ASS - I mean the animal ass - UK saying!

    I been in trouble with the law - my family is respectable- but I got into trouble by writing - a whole lot of trouble!!!!!

    But even if I went to jail - so what? My family is still respectable - so am I - and I would refuse to be treated as a criminal - so would be sent to some jail with guys who would be interesting - political prisoners - Muslims and so on - well - I get along with anyone.

    Anyhow - you play the blues?

    I got guitars.

    I AM the blues.


    Hope the event is a concert tonight.



    forget this sh** for a few hours.

    you'll be ok.

    Get your relative to talk

    Get him to join us here.
  7. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    I know how you feel bro.. I have an outstanding debt also..They put the wrong social security number on my 1099 one year so I got $8000 back..and now I have child support after me saying I owe them $2000,,I don't owe them squat..It makes me feel like ending it because there never will be an end to it,.So I relate..I think PeacelovingGuy had it right about getting a lawyer now..
  8. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Child support ? - funny how any man who generally just pollinates a woman and flies away is not penalised!

    In the UK - I'd get all Pol Pot on the dads who do duck and dodge - not you Joseph - I know you love your child.

    Anyhow -- get that free advice Blue Guitar

    Fancy forming a band also?


    I'm getting like - desperate for a band - but obviously need top musicians.

    I'm thinking we will play happy tunes - dress in jump suits of colourful design and sing about happy rainbows - holding hands in Disneyland - and little fluffy kittens in baskets.


    Not really bro - sing about reality - lowlife bankers - war-mongering political filth - and evil hearted women - plus heroic men just trying to do the right things - but maybe going overboard as they shoot the entire town - only to end up begging the cops not to shoot- because - we got no bullets left.

    Your an evil hearted one Jospeph?

    She give you the blues?

    I know Blue Guitar is off to a gig - maybe he got lucky - my nephew did the other night - actually almost in front of me - so I told him to get his head sorted - I'm talking to him and he is taking over my sofa and getting involved. Lol - I know - at his age - I'd prefer my 19 yr old girl to some old uncle chatting about how great he is.

    Anyhow Blue Guitar - music - if indeed you are listening to a live band - well - music is a healer.

    Nothing in my life that could not be cured by music.

    Well - a broken leg perhaps - sure - I'd dial 999 not look for a CD to match the mood.

    Likewise - if I perchance was attacked by a pack of ravenous wolves - I'd not look for a playlist on my MP3 player - I'd hopefully have some protection - against the feral beasts!

    Plus - some may ask "Why have you not got an ipod instead of a MP3 player"

    Well - good reason actually.

    Apple are health and safety wimps - the volume on an ipod - is laughably way below the volume on my 2002 Archos Jukebox MP3 player - 20 GB - which was mega in its day.

    Monochrome screen - not a touch screen - just little buttons - play -pause - stop and a volume.

    This baby is LOUD - not measured the decibels.

    Even my Blackberry - gives a warning when I put the top volume on it - well - fu** you Blackberry - I pay you - you want to kill my joy?

    I've listened to loud music all my life - played it also - I mean loud!

    But I can still hear a pin drop.

    So - whilst some here might be thinking "I'm thinking about dying - and get this?" - well - if you prefer I could write 2000 words on why everything sucks - apart from me.

    I have negatives also - but they really don't matter compared to some of you here.

    that said - if on paper - your life is 'great' - and you have no real reason to be depressed - then your like me in many ways.

    Others have been raped. abused, tortured - by people who should have loved them. I feel for you - and for all those who went through a very real reason or reasons for having such a bleak view of life - I admire you for your strength and also your capacity to not have let evil overcome you or turn you into a bad person.

    Well - growing up with depression I had not internet - only the library and I think reading Freud helped me a lot - because I read it and thought "What the fu** is this guys issue?" - I mean - the guy was all over the place - sure he had a few good ideas - but if someone quotes Freud to you in counselling - lol - I'd actually fight him - and tell him Jung was more interesting and he was not a coke addict!

    Freud - you know he used coke?

    Hey - if I came here on coke - tell me - what would happen?

    Something like this...

    blah blah blah - me me me - blah, me - blah - yawn - casual affair - drink - bed by 5.00am, regret by 8.00am.

    That said - I'm English - the coke here is sh** - you could actually take it for a night remedy to bring sleep.

    Anyhow hope it cheered anyone up.

    Coke is REAL bad for you. Don't use it myself.

    but crack! wow - mellows you out.

    (actually - don't believe everything I write)


    Random song lyrics...

    "Now you might think it wise to risk it all
    throw caution to the reckless wind
    but with her hot cocoa and her medication
    my nurse had been my one salvation
    so I turned back home"

    Not sure of what else to say really?

    What was the actual post about?

    Some guy painted his guitar blue - felt bad about it - relative scammed a few pounds - or something?

    Only kidding blueguitar - trying to bring levity mate - I mean - we'll get over it.

    Let me know how things get on - also - got contacts on free advice centres in the UK so if anyone else is going through economic woes and needs advice - hopefully I can point you to it.

    times are hard right now - only just got back on benefits myself after 6 weeks not!

    But - I mug a few old ladies - NEVER using violence - and always polite - like "Give me the money please or I'll have to demean you and belittle you"

    Thanks for reading.

    Thank a teacher for that!

    They taught you to read.

    I taught you to - well - all kinds of stuff I imagine.

    You know A minor chord I guess?

    Reminds me of a fellow guitar playing person here - I best PM them.

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