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Very underweight, what should I do?

Discussion in 'Self Care and Healthy Lifestyles' started by Joshy, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Joshy

    Joshy Well-Known Member

    I'm 18, between 5 feet 10 inches, or 6 feet 1 inches. Somewhere around there.
    And I have hypothyroidism so my weight shifts a lot. I take Levothyroxine (currently 50 MCG) to help with that.
    My weight shifts between 95 pounds - 102 pounds.

    I'm not sure if I may be anorexic or not, my weight is mostly always at 96-98. I can see my hips sticking out, my ribs, my collar bones, and weird knee bones showing.

    I have been self-exercising in my room every day (now for the past 2 weeks) doing:

    -25 or 50 '5 lb' weight lifts on each arm. Lifting halfway up, then slowly back down.
    -20 or 30 push ups using these old turn pushups things that you twist your hands on as you do push ups. (I practically can't go over 20 unless I try super hard on completely dead feeling arms, and all my neck muscles hurting from pushing myself so hard.)
    -10 or 30 situps.

    And I'm thinking of adding some more exercises for my knee joints and upper arm joints.

    I am trying to eat more, but I don't really count the calories of what I eat. I just consume lots of breads, snacks, coffee, tea, water, energy drinks, and whatever else I can eat if I'm not so picky about it. (I'm very picky with eating certain foods, I don't eat anything if it has a liquidy squishy consistency like grapes, canned foods, and anything that is sloppy and could leave a mess on your face. Or just smells bad.)

    So what exercises and stuff should I do to help gain muscles and fat in my knees, arms, and just about everywhere else.


    I'm asking this because lately I have been getting squeezing/pressure pains on my heart for the past few months and it's really worrying me.
    I'm going to the doctors in the morning to check that out to see if I have anything wrong with my heart or something.

    I'm also diagnosed with being asthmatic, so I'm SUPPOSE to be taking Montekulast but I never take it.
    I breath in very very very tiny breaths through my nose all the time.

    I also have a bad case of clenching my teeth all the time, and I almost always am sitting down on the computer or bed playing games.

    My heart rate is usually always pretty high above normal.

    And last time I checked when I run or even when I run too hard, I always hold my breath and my heart starts pounding very hard and I nearly faint by the time I'm done running. I should probably stop holding my breath when I run. But it just feels more comfortable.

    I don't drink much milk at all because I'm lactose intolerant and it makes me feel terrible if I drink more than a cup or two of milk... #_#
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  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi Josh i think you need to get a referral hun to a dietician ok one that can build back up your weight and also help you build muscle I am glad you are seeing your doctor because if you are that thin you can get a problem with your lungs Please hun take care of yourself ok ask your doctor for a referal to a dietician and get your lungs checked as well as your heart h ugs
  3. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    Seems to me that you need to speak to a doctor of some sort. A dietician might be able to help you in some way, but to be so low weight wise it could be a thyroid issue (I can never remember which eat round it is if it's over active for underweight or under active). Possibly even consider a referral to a cardiologist - they specialise in heart related issues.

    Also, if exercising is making you feel that way, even running to the point you feel faint, I would actually take a break from that. It's not going to overly help you if you maintain high exertion levels while having this uncertainty over your heart. You'd be somewhere in the region of 60-80lbs underweight for an average person of 6' (I'm underweight at that height, and I'm 160lbs... As an example), weight shifts 2lbs either way, so for a 7lb spread its not really that much more.