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    So yesterday was the last day for finals and the math department had the bright idea for assigning my math final at 8 in the morning. Last night, I was studying for this stupid final and another final I had to take after in the evening. This final is like a big portion of the grade for the class. The questions are pretty easy for an average person, but I didnt learn some concepts when I was younger, so now that Im older, its pretty hard to grasp the work. I left some questions blank, and Im so upset with myself. I wish I did better, and I'm at the risk of wasting my money and time(failing). I remember for one question, I was in desperation. I usually do not cheat but I needed to answer this question badly. So, I took my phone and text messaged my friend, pretending I was using my calculator. I was relieved once I did that, Im thinking my friend is going to text me back. But no, he was still sleeping at that time, in fact he woke up at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.:mortdesinos: I was upset at him, and myself for being so stupid to think that would work. NOw, I feel like killing myself, I dont want to go online and look at my final grades. Im disgusted with myself because I did so horibbly.:mad:
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    I am sorry all that stress was put on you. Can you talk with professors let know the stress you were under and if you could have a rewrite or someway to make up the marks. Sometimes prof are understanding it is worth a try.
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    Nope, cant happen. Its the end and done. The professors cant do anything about it, everything is on record.