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Victim Support (May Trigger)

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I have just rung Victim Support to find out information on my abuser and got told they can't give me that information and to write a letter and they will pass it on to prison governor. I don't know which prison he is in cos funnily enough i wasn't interested in knowing as was never gonna contact him. He is due for parole any time now and i don't know what is happening which is screwing with my head big time! How am i supposed to prepare myself when they won't give me any in formation on what is happening. All i want to know is if he is being released and if so what are his conditions as i am very concerned for my parents. It is getting me down soo much i feel like i could end it all but i know that means he has won.


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Awww Dawn hun I am so sorry. I dont know what to say but one thing I thought of is trying to get some legal advice from a solicitor or something because they migjt be able to pull a few strings and can tell you where you stand. I hope you get the answers you need soon hun. Love you lots xx

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who you trying to contact exactly because ive got a bunch of email addresses for probation and victim support, is it a specific person or organisation?
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