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Video Games And Crime?

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by Jasonfine27, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Jasonfine27

    Jasonfine27 Well-Known Member

    Do you think Video games cause people to kill, rob people, etc.? I think that people who play video games like GTA and then continue to commit murder must have some type of previous mental problem
  2. Spearmint

    Spearmint Well-Known Member

    I think that people like to place blame on others, be it things or people.
  3. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Games/movies/media in general may desensitize people, but I think that ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves.
  4. Mortem

    Mortem Well-Known Member

    I agree. It could possibly push some individuals in "that direction", but I don't think the game alone can cause someone to commit murder. Most likely they have other issues as well.
  5. anonymous51

    anonymous51 Staff Alumni

    If anyone has the ability to kill somebody in the first place, then there is something wrong with them already. Ive been playing violent video games since i first entered school, and so had most of the people i knew there, and i have never been in a single fight. Its all bullshit, just like when rock n roll came out they saw it as "the devils music"
  6. BioHomocide

    BioHomocide Well-Known Member

    If you can blame your problems on something or someone else then you will.

    Violent video games don't make people kill people.
    Guns don't kill people people kill people.

    People are the monsters, everyone needs to stand up to their problems.
  7. Jasonfine27

    Jasonfine27 Well-Known Member

    I agree. The person most definitely must have had a problem with themselves BEFORE they played the video game, and playing the game could just "push them over the edge".
  8. Sylar

    Sylar Well-Known Member

    I'm a video games junky and I didn't rob any banks
  9. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    I think just as many people are being prevented from murdering and violence than are committing it just by playing these games. A case could be made for - playing Grand Theft Auto is giving a lot of people an outlet from violent tendancies. Acting out their fantasies legally if you will.

    I have noticed that there's been a stark decrease of serial killers lately compared to the 70's and 80's. Maybe releasing their anger issues in game format is to blame? :smile:

    I play Grand Theft Auto a lot, I guess you could say I'm addicted, but acting out the murderous violence I am guilty of in GTA in reality has never even crossed my mind.
  10. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

  11. anonymous51

    anonymous51 Staff Alumni

    This is something ive thought about and agree with. Its human nature to get excited at the thought of battle and warfare. All through history we've used literature, theatre and later on cinema to satisfy these fantasies. Football hooliganism is a perfect example of men releasing primeval aggresion. There is no reason for fighting over a football match but people still do it, because they get a rush. In this modern age its getting difficult to release these hormones which is why there the amount of stress related illnesses are on the rise. Why do you think the majority of video game players are male? I think video games are a much safer way for young men to release testosterone rather than letting it all build up and increasing the risk of fighting and crime in society.
  12. incognito

    incognito Well-Known Member

    Society should learn to stop attributing every deviant act or thought to mental illness or disorder. I find that to be a common theme amongst those who are largely incognizant of the topic about which they are discoursing.

    The link between video games and violence has, for the most part, been established. I haven’t studied this subject matter, so really, I’m not familiar with the research methods or analyses employed in the studies. The conclusion that: younger people who are more exposed to TV/video game violence become more violent themselves, is all I’m aware of, with regard to current/ongoing research.
  13. hammockmonkey

    hammockmonkey Well-Known Member

    Children have a harder time telling the difference between a "real" event of violence and one that they have seen in a movie or on TV screen (even video games). This means that games and movies can be just as traumatizing as actaully "seeing" real life violence to a child.

    So, obviously keep children from playing games like GTAIV or CoD4 or something . . . But you really can't prove that video games cause more crime. correlation is not causation.
  14. anonymous51

    anonymous51 Staff Alumni

    Where exactly has it been established? How do the police make these studies? ask the criminals if the play video games :blink: You as may as well say studies prove that most criminals are right handed, its not relevant in any sense at all.

    Another thing I think that the naivety of children is massivley exaggurated. Of course a child knows the difference between real life and make believe.
  15. Pensive

    Pensive Well-Known Member

    Personally I think its all down to scapegoats. If Video Games didn't provide the outlet for all the ills of society something else surely would (Films, TV or proving that the earth revolved around the sun, admittingly jumping back in time a bit there lol)

    If anything playing them usually calms me down, allows me to relieve stress in a non damaging way.

  16. I agree.

    Society always will find something to blame, if it takes the focus away from forced social situations, which really are what causes crime.
  17. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I third that.
    I use them as an outlet from time to time.
  18. incognito

    incognito Well-Known Member

    true, it certainly is not...though, it is a step towards causation. one should note that i mentioned nothing of X concretely causing Y. Keywords used in my post were, link established, more exposure, more violent - indicative of a positive correlation (and a high one at that).

    In the scientific community, principally in the social sciences and psych. I wasn’t referring to the police as they aren’t exactly of a scientific profession/training. Again, I have not studied the research methods or analyses involved. I imagine they consist of some longitudinal studies... -.- I don’t know, someone will have to look into it if you're really interested to know.

    All I gave insight to was what conclusions researchers have drawn to date and what is chiefly status quo in the psych community. The concept here (or, one of them), is that resultant of playing violent video games, certain neurological pathways develop and strengthen, likely leading to increased aggressive behaviors through maturation.

    So, as you all can see, none of what I’ve said in my posts reflects any personal opinion. I’ve merely presented a pithy summary of what’s dominant in current literature... in hopes of shedding some insight. for further reading... by all means inquire. I can get back to you with some sources.
  19. anonymous51

    anonymous51 Staff Alumni

    Just because a scientific test has been made, does not mean its the truth, it simply means that the majority of the small amount of test subjects have made these results. Unless they test every single person in the world who plays video games these studies are irrelevent.
  20. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    I agree. Video games, movies and music don't cause normal people to do anything. If someone has some kind of mental issue, they may not make the distinction between a game or a movie and reality or they might just impulsively do the things they saw in the games/movies. But if we had to censor everything because some people don't see entertainment for what it is, we wouldn't have anything. There's literally no limit to the things that might (in some twisted way) inspire someone to do something crazy.
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