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do you have me blocked on MSN? do I have to be? we're not fighting now are we? I'm so if we are cos I really don't remember.
I know it has nothing to do with me but why don't you just let Vikki have some space? I'm sure she hasn't blocked you hun, but IF she has she'll have her reasons. Give her time and she'll come around.


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i'm not not giving her space, i just haven't seen her on msn in about 4 days, so i figure i must be blocked.

as i can't pm or use chat, it's kinda annoying
Yes Matthew i have blocked you. I did when i was badly upset. You have a lot of anger in you at times, especially yesterday and at times it can be aimed at me. I'm just trying to avoid that. You keep trying to make me agree to take things off you. Anyone here knows that i can't have pills around me and i've explained the reasons to you time and time again but that doesn't seem to matter to you. I myself felt the need to block you and many other people have advised me to do the same so thats what i have done.
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