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    just want to leave a short, encouraging note:

    suicide survivor (don' t try) now living on my own but integrated into a vital christian community. I wanted to go wandering last weekend but just managed to strand in the clinic that was my home for a dozen times. it' s not that I am happy or thankful but realizing life as gift is preventing me from feeling numbness as friend. have been on dozens of chemical feelingkillers over the years and now am med-free. okay this shit can help for a certain time in deep depression or actual psychotic symptoms. but behaviour, love, friendship, trust, belief and everything positive is not made by dopamin, serotonin, adrenaline or testosterone. it' s about responsability. am living on social money. have job caring for people in need in sight. sure I have enemies. one day I have to face them but the worst enemy is the voice telling you: you' re not worth it. do anything. music, people, candles, praying, reading, organising. I want to say a deep and honest thank you to every participant of this board, robin, beret, i love you, where' s my sheep sam, soliloquise and unnumbered nameless. around here, everybody is helping everybody else. I only am on occasionally and usually sarcastic or only reading quietly. I am no professional and often don' t practice what I preach. but speaking out, reading the good book and trying to just leave the sucking crap, may it be drugs, booze, porn ot cutting behind may be a first step towards dignity or meaning. so much for today. don' t give up !!!!! there IS a way through and it' s unique for everyone.

    FAITH ! hang on........
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    day 2 home again. who cares ?