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Vitamin of Note: vitamin C


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Oh good lord why wont that man SHUTUP!! nobody cares about his stupid health LIES! anyway enough of that, time for a vitamin of note

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) if you could only have 1 vitamin this would be it. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, disabling free radicals and assists B and E vitamins. Strengthens the Immune system, helps produce collagen in the joints and skin, protects against cancer and heart disease. Also generate anti stress hormones

Fun fact: If you have a cold, take 1gr every hour for six hours, and your cold will die, as the virus cannot survive in a vitamin C rich environment.

Optimal amount: 1 gram per decade of life

best foods: Peppers, watercress, broccoli


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Good question, I assume the large, non burning kind, such as green, red and orange peppers. I will research it, but fiery peppers are also very nutritious.

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