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  1. Hi, everyone!

    I dream every night, and try to remember them, but don't always. I recently had a very vivid dream that wasn’t drug induced – heh!...
    I was in a mansion, and it was full of beautiful antique furniture. I was there helping coordinate the wedding of one of the Romney's sons (Romney had won the election). He was marrying a little blonde girl, and during the whole dream I kept staring at her because she had something 'different' about her face that I couldn't put my finger on. She was acting rather bored with the whole thing, but was nice to me so I didn’t think much about it. (that day hours after I woke up it dawned on me what was so different about the bride’s face, and it was that she had the nose of a cat!).

    There were several elements to this dream, themes I guess, that I’m going to try and separate out here.

    The walk down the aisle was going to be a walk through the halls of the mansion instead, and all along the way, on the antique pieces of furniture there were candies that had been piped on the curlicues and carvings. The flower treat/decorations were on the wooden furniture, on the hearth, on the woodwork. There were red roses everywhere that glimmered and sparkled, and those were edible too. There were dishes and platters of rich, elaborate candies like petit fours, truffles, etc. on every flat
    surface. It was like something out of Alice and Wonderland! It was very beautiful, and I couldn’t get over how much effort had been put into it.

    I was standing in the hallway waiting for the man that was going to vacuum the carpets, and he appeared on a riding lawnmower, headed straight for this gorgeous set of nesting tables! I started yelling at him to stop, that he was going to ruin everything and break the furniture. He ignored me and drove on, and as he approached the tables they accordion-ed into each other and then collapsed into the floor. After he passed by, the tables came back up from below the floor and reassembled. I felt relieved and went on to the next thing, which was finding the younger Romney boys to get ready for the wedding. When I found them, they were peeing on the chandeliers (quite a feat as they were hanging from the ceiling, as chandeliers will do), and I announced to everyone around that I wasn’t going to clean it up.

    I’ve read that our dreams are fears or wishes, but I’ve had dreams that were neither. I don’t know if this dream has any hidden messages (I had the dream the day before the election – and didn’t want Romney to win so maybe there was a fearful element to it!), and invite comments.
Thread Status:
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