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VNS for depression

I just had VNS surgery Nov 8. I just had it "turned on last week. Has anyone else tried VNS and what was your experience with it?
I started on the 2nd level, but am only getting stimulation every 3 hours. It should be every 5 minutes. Doctor is not concerned , but I am. Is it working properly?:huh:
What is the point?
I was hoping to speak with someone who has VNS installed and compare notes... VNS is vagul nerve stimulation. I'm not sure what to expect, is it working properly?.. just wanted to compare ...


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I've heard it as an alternative therapy for depression but other than that, don't know anything about it. Sorry I can't help you.:sad: Welcome to the forum tho!!:smile: :smile:


PS; Shygirl's "what's the point" has nothing to do with your post - it's her "signature" appears below all her posts, just like my four quotations do under my posts.
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