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vodka + .... numbs it all

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Just ignore this please.nad sorrry if this make no sense, just downed a pint of vodka and coke and it gon stright to my head, hurts so badly seeijng people, people oding when thats exactly what i wanna do right now, nothing apart fomr it being too cold to move from bed is stopp ing me, argh fook it, i dont give a shit no more. i can replace whAT I TAKE. WIL NUMBT HT4 PAIN FOR A BIT maybe be uncouncious for a bit and be able to get some sleep beyond an hour at one time
nooooooo it just hurts that u are that low. i know what it feels lieik, i wanted to od for awhilke, well i fucjked uo the SH why not oding. blubs dont be sorry, nothing to be sorryg for
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