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    are really getting me down. Why won't they go? WHY?

    ''Go on, slash your body and go and lay on the grass''

    ''When you next go out I'll stab you in the back''

    ''Rub blood all over your face''

    ''Scream and tell people that you're a fucking Schizo''

    ''Tell your Mother that you hate her''

    ''Nobody understands you, bitch. Nobody understands insanity''

    (The nurse asked me to write down things he says)

    Sometimes I'll see people who I knew who have died. This is the worst thing.

    I dreamt last night that I was dead and passing over into the 'other side'. I remember seeing bright lights and flash backs of my life. I felt totally calm about this and almost felt euphoric. Then today the voice told me that he killed me in my sleep and that is what death is like. He done it so that I could experience the warmness of suicide.

    I may be crazy, I don't know. It's confusing.
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    Hey Ruby, are you on medication at all? They can help a great deal but if you are on them you need to be taking them every day. I think it's a good thing that you are confused by them, it means that part of you doesn't believe them, which is right, if you are not receiving professional help I advise you to do so asap as the voices can drive anyone nuts after a time, plus they're hardly ever pleasant.