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I'm not sure where this belongs sorry if its in the wrong section....

I've lately been having problems with my voices...I usually feel okay about them they really entertain me and I see them as my friends but know there is someone else there I don't recognize. I can't exactly see them but they have been hurting me and I'm not sure what to do?

Sorry if that doesn't make sense...


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Please talk to a doctor and see what is available to you...medication and talk therapy is helpful to redirect your behavior and to find a way to have the strongest voice in your head...J


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In my experience, if you have lived with these same voices for a long time and a new voice or change has happened it needs to be addressed ASAP as nearly always it will have a negative impact on your day to day life.

On a positive note, kudos for being able to live medication free with your voices, I can't.


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I told my mom and she cried and asked, "Why can't you just be normal?!" So i told her I was just kidding because it hurt her. :(


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the last voice i heard was a male in his 40's telling me that the people across the street from me don't know how to shut their mouth. he made it sound as if it was only one person by saying mouth without the "s". there are medicines that do help calm the voices, you just have to explain your situation to your doctor.


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Ahh, when parents react badly. I've been there. I was seeing a pdoc at 18 for suicidal feelings and impulses. The pdoc kept trying to talk me into telling my parents. I kept saying no way, they won't be understanding; when they hear someone they know is seeing a pdoc, they treat it like a shameful thing. She didn't believe me that they would do the same thing to me. I finally told my mom-- and totally regretted it. I didn't even tell her I was suicidal, just the I was seeing a pdoc for depression. She totally freaked out about it, getting all upset, acting like I was just doing it as a personal insult to her or something and just giving me another burden to carry, instead of the support I needed. I told the pdoc that it was pretty much what I expected and she was wrong to push me into doing it.
When I ended up in the hospital for a suicide attempt at 19, I was out on my own already and would have done everything I could to keep them from finding out. Unfortunately, I was unconscious for a long time and in the ICU even longer and they started looking for me, calling hospitals, when I wasn't returning phone calls. Then they came to the hospital. My mom gave me a huge guilt trip about how I was upsetting her so much they might have to hospitalize her too, my dad got hostile when I tried to give him some information on depression, telling me he didn't want to hear anything about it and was THIS how I was going to spend the rest of my life? Nice. Really nice. I told the hospital I would not accept them as visitors anymore, to not let them in to see me.
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