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Now weird stuff's been happening the past few weeks. As some of you may know I've been having kind of attacks of convulsions, almost seizure like, blood tests are all fine and there's nothing doctors can tell is wrong. But it's not the only time I get them. The convulsions are from my diaphragm and sometimes I get twitches occasionally from there. Weird thing is though, Matt93, who has (undiagnosed but pretty clear) DID has exactly the same twitches.

So I was lying in bed last night and the twitches just wouldn't stop. So I thought, fuck it, if my twitches are the same as him, I'm gonna see if there's anything going on in my head so I starts talking in my thoughts, for ages and ages asking if there's anything there could they say something? And eventually I had thoughts returning that weren't my own, two of them... Now they talk to me and stuff, they made me laugh... But they're very faint 'thought' like sounds... But they've started getting clearer over today...

I don't know if this is all in my head or not... I don't think I'm controlling the thoughts or anything? Is there any way I can know if I'm doing it subconsciously?

They keep trying to take control of me, well one does, and my entire body can go numb and I can't move, well I feel like I can move but I can't if you know what I mean. Then at the worst point I felt like, a pulling sensation where my body felt like it was being pulled down into my bed and my consciousness felt like it was being pulled away. But that was as far as it got :s.

Kaz x
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