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  1. ***Possible trigger***

    Betrayal. Pain. Guilt.
    Intense feelings overwhelm me as I recall the past.
    I laid waste to what we had, eradicated what was left,
    And lost my one and only hope, your affection, your love.
    Without that, I am empty and lacking purpose.

    Sadness. Hopeless. Despondent.
    I weep and I lament, thus evoking tears that freely flow.
    I release the tension-the ardent, impassioned pain,
    And I watch the red rivers flow copiously, without hindrance.
    I feel sufficiently in control.

    Ruined. Dejected. Shot Down.
    Our future together is now chimerical, expired, and lifeless.
    I did not give myself wholly or without avarice, my love,
    And now I pay the price, forever indebted with bittersweet affliction.

    Despair. Hurt. Remorse.
    You deserve nothing but the best, the finest gifts in life.
    I failed to fulfill your most primitive desire,
    And now you have taken leave, to no longer be imprisoned.

    Unfettered, cut loose, no longer held back, by me.
    No longer fated or obligated.
    Not bound in chains, restrained, or immured.

    You have emancipated me,
    Now a free-spirited, futile being,
    And for that I’m eternally grateful.
    I’m now at liberty, my pulse, my cherished one;
    No longer imprisoned-free to escape and fly away.

    Do not disregard, ignore, or neglect the happiness deep within,
    But embrace and embody the joys of life.
    Take on each of your lingering fears with tenacity, with strength,
    And satisfy your every profound yearning, each musing without exception.

    Thoughts of my own mortality run rampant,
    As I quest for sanity in the darkest depths of my mind.
    Barbaric thoughts overtake me.
    Furious and raging. Tempestuous and rabid.
    Self-willed thoughts ruminate,
    Bound to dominate and prevail over me.

    Do not grieve. Do not weep.
    Show no sorrow, instead peace and tranquility hereafter.
    As I come to and endure grim reality, I pick up each broken piece,
    I feel a sense of calmness and lull subdue me;
    Harmony dwells within me. I am undoubtedly at peace.

    Be disgusted by me. Belittle me.
    Spite me. Hate me.
    Repulse me and resent me.
    Loathe me. Deprecate me.
    Despise me. Shun me.
    Be sickened by me. Scorn and abhor me.

    Enjoy life and revel in your success.
    Treasure and derive pleasure from your eminence.
    Cherish and adore your luck.
    Indulge in all you wish,
    And aspire to eclipse the world.

    I’m not bitter, spiteful, or estranged in regards to this misfortune,
    But relieved of my duty, and dismissed from life.
    I only incriminate myself with such a crime as to take away your life.
    I’m not pungent, hostile or caustic because I’ve lost a momentous rendezvous.
    Only joyous and lightened with the fated affair.
    I am ready to fly.


    Don't ask. :|
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