volunteering didnt go too well

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    im glad i went in for my third week. its my fourth shift today

    it didn't go well and im really sad, it upsets me more that i can't find anything else to do either. i spilt some hot water on me by accident and i kept saying sorry to the owner but she ddint say anything. then when she came back with a spray for scalds etc i said thanks she still didint sayanyting . next time im not saying anything. the two girls at the front left me out again. i feel like there's someting wrong with me. the owner looked angry when i didnt know a table came in. i was in the kitchen asking the cleaner someting . it was about work. i can't be perfect all the tim i dont know why she was looking at me like that. i can't manage not knowing what the owner thinks about me and whether shes really angry or if im just mind reading. i feel like its unfair for her to think im terrible just because i was maybe a bit slow. she made mistakes too and forgot thing for customers. and how gets annoyed at her? nobody. when i accidently spilt water on me i felt like she was telling me off. idk. its not a big deal. thebest thing you can do when something like that happens is to not make a big deal out of if and keep professional. there were other customers there and it was embarassing. i felt like the way the owner was disccussing it with the customers and then telling me about remedies etc it felt like they were telling me off. :eek:i felt like someone in primary school who just spilled their milk or osmething. i felt like crying. but i didnt. it was awful. i dont know. my arm ws actually fine. im surprised it was only a tiny bit pink but it went away v quickly. apparatnely im scald proof:eek:
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    Awww honey,I have volunteered at 3 different places in the past. Fortunately they were all lovely folks. Maybe she is mean or maybe you are reading too much into it? Perhaps talk to her about it and let her know how the incident made you feel. Explain it was a mistake and mistakes do happen and just see what she says, stick to the volunteering it is a good distraction ((hugs)) Hope your arm heals quickly.
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    no she knows it was a mistake. i said sorry a load of times butshe never responded. and i said thanks when she got me cream but still no response. ill just leave it it wasn't my fault. other thing went wrong too yesterday, the other girls leaving me out and sitting and chatting together. it ws humilating. and i got bad vibes form the owner. ill just hold out as long as i can and if i dont show up more than once ill just quit. if i keep not showing up it means its too stressful and no point in pushing too hard. ill try find something else to do. *hugsies kiss kiss*
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    my arm is actually fine lol. everyone was freaking out but iwas actually fine. it was only slightly tinged but it was fine. what places did u voluntee at ? yeh i have a tendecnye to read wrong but i neverk know what ot belive so its all pretty disoreientating.