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    As a fair few of you know, I volunteer for Samaritans. Today when I did a shift for the first time in a couple of months (was away at uni etc), I realised how much I missed the place, the callers and people. It's such a great organisation, and I love it. The issue is, I can't do a huge amount of shifts, as I'll burn myself out supporting folks in a short while.

    Now that I've got a good 3 1/2 month holiday, I'm looking for a job - being pushed to, rather, by parents. They are right though - money would be good, though not essential, and I certainly need to do something, otherwise I'll end up a demotivated, bored and depressed thing - I need things to keep my mind active, I think. I don't do boredom. Not 3 1/2 months of it anyway.
    Problem is, there's nothing around here at the moment, plus I'm a picky sod as it is. I won't do cafe/restaurant work, as I'll almost certainly drop things and it interests me not one iota, and the only real thing that does is something along the lines of Samaritan style work, I think ... Anything else though, I'm not really motivated to do.

    My dad's got me an application form for a job at his college in late Aug / Sept, for a 'Summer Enrolment Assistant' place. Was filling out the parts of the application form tonight that I could do, and I thought 'I have no interest or enthusiasm in doing this. How fecking boring'.
    Problem is, I've no idea what I want to do. I hate this feeling.

    Feel bored, pissed off, and a bit lost, at the moment. Grr.

    Just need some direction to amble off in, I suppose...
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    How about maybe enrolling on a college course (something along the lines of social work) because then you could get a social work position part time - maybe working with children in care? Because it sounds like you really enjoy helping people hence the Samaritans work and it's something you are good at.

    By doing the college course it'd give you a chance to take some time out and study (which would be a great way to keep your mind active) but also doing some part time work for money and also still helping people.

    It's hard to know what you want to do, I'm awful for it as well. I'll think I know and then I'll sit there and say to myself 'I must be crazy - I can't possibly do that'. I think it's kind of more me doubting myself and doubting I can do it than anything.

    Is there anything you think or know that you are really good at?

    ps. Also forgot to mention, the great thing about social work is you aren't always in a people facing position. As we all have our off days where we can't constantly face other peoples problems. Sometimes you'll be in an office environment doing paper work, depending on the position. :)
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    I'm doing a university degree anyway during the academic year (Philosophy and German), so I've had my fill of college courses etc :laugh:

    As for there being anything that I know I'm good at ... not really, to be honest - I enjoy philosophy and debating etc, but I can't get a job in that (not yet, anyway :tongue: )...
    This would be more of a stop-gap job before heading back to university in late September, so it's not starting my career or anything..
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    Ask in your Sams branch about ways you can help them without actually supporting callers babe ... admin, fundraising, that kind of thing.

    Am having a look around for you, will have a chat with you tongiht.