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    I was taken off of Adderall due to abusing it and I will be switching to Vyvanse in a few weeks to a month once I get other things sorted out.
    Does anyone have any experince with Vyvanse? Is it better or worse than Adderall? I hear it is less addictive which is good and that it lasts longer.
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    I wouldn't say it's better or worse than Adderall. It's a stim like Adderall...more similar to plain ol dextroamphetamine than the mixed amphetamine salts, if I remember right. Because of the unique time-release mechanism, there is no way to negate the time-release (that I know of anyway), so it is considered "less abusable". The IR of Adderall lasts about 3hrs, Vyvanse can last up to 10-12hrs, but I wouldn't expect that long from it. I get 5 to 6 hours.

    Any stim can be addictive and can be abused. I'd say you're lucky they're going to give you any stim at all after abusing Adderall. None of the docs I've ever met would.
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    That surprises me. I have only done these medications recreationally, and I felt like both could easily have the potential to become addictive.