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  1. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member


    okay so after my failed suicide attempt, something in me changed.
    and then today the sun is shining... oh I love this. Makes me forget my sorrows for a day and just enjoy the beauty of the Netherlands: the landscapes, the animals, the farmers, gosh I love it here. It'd be hard for me to ever leave this house and town I live in.

    as my friend and I always sing
    "A silent road in a town, with a church and a cow! ------------------, our hometown, I wanna go there now"

    anyway another good thing which I might not have mentioned yet is that I stopped smoking. I think it's about 2/3 weeks ago and I haven't touched a single cig eversince, well I may have touched one but only to hand it to friends or whatever.

    ahh and my cat... I love her to bits.

    and the sun, and music, and the people in the house, and the nature around town.. ah
    I'm going to go for a ride on my bike now and will take some nice photos and post them in here later on, so y'all can see the beauty and hopefully it'll cheer you up and make you appreciate the small things, just as much as it does me.


  2. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    I'm glad you are feeling good. I love open spaces too and my cat :)
    Keep the positivity up!
  3. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    this is my favorite spot. Whenever the sun is shining and I feel down, or even happy, or just want to write some poems or just sit I go here:

    just look at that beauty. Just sitting there, staring over the water. Being overwhelmed by nature's beauty... :smile:

    and this is my newfound place to go to when I just want to sit and think of my Mother. (since her grave is too far away to go to for me, this place has kinda become my place to show my love for her)

    this is just... I don't know. I like driving here with my car (though it can be dangerous, as I tend to speed up quite a bit here :shy: )

    and look at this:




    On days like these, with this weather, that just puts a smile on my face.
    And it makes me appreciate the little things in life even more.

    I hope this also puts a smile on your faces :)
  4. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    Omg just the type of places i like >.<

    I is in love lol
  5. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Goat! :eek:hmy: I love goats. :shy:

    Glad you're feeling better today tho Est, you certainly do live in a nice place.
  6. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    yeh I certainly do love the place I live, all those pics were taken today, and all those places are within 10mins on your bike :biggrin:

    and that last pic with the horses is actually taken from basically my front door :smile:

    These photos can never make you feel what you feel if you really ARE THERE though :sad: wish I could give y'all that feeling I feel when I am sitting outside in the sun. It's really, really, really good for ya mental health, this place. :smile:
  7. LetItGo

    LetItGo Staff Alumni

    Its so....flat hehe :) Beautiful scenery....I so wish I was there :blub:
  8. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    I attempted suicide many years ago, and ever since, I have come to appreciate life and nature in a way I never did before, birds, trees, clouds, sunshine. I never noticed these things before, and although I may often despise myself and wish I was dead, I still see a great beauty in the world around me.

    It's odd because I've known people who've had really low self esteem, and they've ended up killing themselves, and they say nobody cares, and their lives aren't important. But to me I care about a leaf, to me a leaf is important, to me a leaf is wonderful, and if I hadn't of attempted suicide I don't think I would have ever realised this.

    I now often speak to people and point at a tree and go "Look, see how amazing that tree is" and they think I'm a nutter. I guess I just want people to realise these things without having to go to such extremes themselves. Cos basically, these aren't the "little things in life". This is life.
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  9. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    You hit the nail right there!
    Just look around, look at the trees, the animals, the sun, the grass.. Nature... We should consider ourselves lucky to be able to experience all that!

    Where I used to live there's also beautiful nature, if possible even more beautiful (Less flat!). And during summers I used to get my bike and take a ride from my home to this delicious icecream thingymajigger alongside of the road, about 20km away from home. It's a 'famous' icecream-man around there, and there's people who actually get their car and drive over 50km just to go get icecream there (Though I guess the beautiful nature around plays big part in that too)!
    Anyway so I would get my bike and take an 1,5hr trip to go there. I'd park my bike, buy an icecream and go for a walk in the nature there, or just sit on a bench, enjoying the sun and the friendly atmosphere, watching the cows, and after I'd finished the icecream I'd ride back home. There were several ways to get there by bike and it never gets boring.
    Yeh strange eh, girl goes on a 3hr bikeride to eat an icecream :laugh: But honestly, if you'd see the nature you'd have to ride through and the environment around there, you'd completely understand. I would drive 5hrs just to experience that!
    (and besides during that bicycle ride, you can easily ride off the calories of the icecream, especially seeing as there's lots of hills and stuff around there)

    Gosh I miss that place... :sad:
    But hey, I'm determined to go there again this summer, even if it's by car. (A bit too far to go by bike) Or I could take the bike along in the car :smile:
  10. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I'm glad you're feeling better!:smile: And yes, the countryside is beautiful where you are. I can see how it would make you feel better. Congrats on not smoking. Wish I could manage it...:sad:

  11. ybt

    ybt Guest

    apart from the strangely inserted subliminal animal ass, those are wonderful.

    the next time you get suicidal, remember moments like those
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