Wads true friendship

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  1. fallingangie

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    just wana know the definition of 'true friendship,' plz keep it short n simple. Thanx a lot guys for givin me da answers.... i need to know.. :02.47-tranquillity:
  2. Monoka

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    Wow, thats a question and a half! i would say someone who you know will be there for you- whatever happens.
    I was once told that friends are gods way of looking after us. I don't personally believe in god but its a really nice thought anyway.

    Take care
  3. Witty_Sarcasm

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    Someone who doesn't turn their back on you when times get tough...who's always there to help and support you...someone who doesn't lie to you or hurt you. At least that's what I feel true friendship is...can't say I've experienced that much.