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wads wrong with me

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things turnd out rely ugly between me n my x .. he kinda made da whole world think negative of me after dat as well.. n i guess i deserved it!
Anyway, i tried to move on ever since n find true love.. u know like sum1 who wud actually love me for real n be all caring n stuffs! but its just too hard to find dat! nO guy seems to take me seriously anymore.. i dont know why though.. but before my x came to my life things were so much different.. lik dere were so many who would kill to b with me but now its nothin lik dat anymore! wad cud possibly b wrong with me i wonder!
guys just seem to play around wid me n hav fun n jus use me.. dats all!!!n dis started happenin ever since dat brk up......!

dis is terrible.. it hurts everytime.

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Hi i m sorry the guys are just using you There is nothing wrong maybe just to trusting I hope youcan tell these guys where to go and try to meet new people okay hugs
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