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Influenza A. At first I was really happy I got it. I got similar versions of it before (and three cases of pneumonia in the span of two years), and if was just fine. Basically I don't change my routine at all because I feel fine. But now my parents are having my doctor come over to our HOUSE to check up on me, and now my legs are too weak to walk right DX I just sit in bed dwelling on things that shouldn't be dwelled on. And I do NOT think that's good for my health. Last time the doctor came over I stressed out and tried to kill everyone and now he has me wear a straitjacket if he thinks I'm too wild. TRUST ME WEARING THOSE THINGS ARE HORRIBLE. You can't get hair out of your face or bugs off your arm or really move at all ;___;

They searched my room, and I don't know how, but I know I'll find some way to kill myself in this living hell DDDX Maybe I'll finish up the bottles of goop the doctor calls medicine
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