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    I am SO SICK of feeling out of proportion!! I don't know what to make of myself any more. If you're to believe clothing manufacturers, anyone over a C is unnatural and should wear a burlap sack. Sometimes this stretches to a D or DD. But the bra manufacturers are worse. I got sent a link with some outfits and lingerie and stuff, but they sell sets of lingerie in small, medium and large. I'd probably be a "small" round about my back, but then would completely overflow the cups. It's so unfair :(

    The few things you *can* get in my size, are too expensive for me. The last bra I got was £29. This is because most of the shops online which are so proud of stocking larger bras, only stock 'designer' ones, and therefore they're more expensive. Ditto Bravissimo. And Debenhams. Even in Marks and Spencer it's tricky to find my size. So many ranges start at a 34 and don't even go up beyond a D or DD. It's a joke :(

    My mum doesn't help. She keeps saying I don't need new bras, but I have three that fit and none of them are any good under some of the tops I have. Also the soft ones I have for night time are a 34DD and way too loose, because of the back being too big as well as the fact that they're pretty old.

    I'm so sick of looking at all these pretty bras and knowing that they won't have them in my size. Sick of wanting to batter every person I see with a La Senza bag (they stop at an F and are, apparently, small made. The first and last time I tried on anything in there, I was told I would need a bigger size, which they used to make but DON'T ANY MORE - they should recognise that girls are getting bigger, not smaller - and that they don't make anything bigger).

    This is just useless. I want to look nice and feel good about myself but it's so hard to find things that will fit. Maybe this is just a sign that I shouldn't be wearing anything that's nice or sexy anyway, I should be wearing those boring industrial-standard white things. I just don't know any more.
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    Ohhh darling... I empathise, I really do.

    I had a similar crisis trying to find a dress to wear to my mum's wedding that would fit me all over. Right now I have a 29 inch waist, size 12 hips, and I am somewhere in between a 32G and a 32GG (now that is fucking annoying. I either have to choose bras that are too tight or too big, and at the moment I'm going for too tight seeing as they're the ones I already own :rolleyes: I'll just keep eating too much until I go up half a size :tongue:). Anyway, I cried in the last three changing rooms.

    But curves are gorgeous hon'. They actually are. What bra size actually are you? I know Bravissimo is expensive, but they do stock very pretty bras...


    Oh, and by the way, I know EXACTLY what you mean about those damn La Senza types *grrrrrrr* :mad: :tongue:

    :hug: :hug:

    Love from a fellow "Bravissimo Girl",

    ~Nobody~ x
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    :hug: You know I know some of how you feel.

    I'll text the rest of my reply to you, because I probably won't be able to reply to the smart-arsed reply you'll probably come up with until Tuesday otherwise :tongue:
  4. Wonderstuff

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    :laugh: ok rainbow :hug: ...I am not a smartarse!! *assumes a tone of mock-outrage*...

    And thank you Nobody :hug: you're a sweetie...I'm generally a 32FF/30G atm, though I own two (both the same, but one black and one white) that are a 32G.
  5. ~Nobody~

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    Then you know I feel your pain! :hug:

    Especially in the back and shoulder area!!! :rolleyes:

    :hug: Don't feel bad. You know curves are where it's at really :smile:.
  6. RainbowChaser

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    And I thought my (insert-stupid-number)Fs were bad enough... I can't rest my head on my hands or read while lying on my side! :eek:hmy:
  7. ~Nobody~

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    Haha, yup. Unfortunately I am referred to as "the one with the boobs" by everyone who sort of half knows me. :dry: It gets old rather quickly. My hips balance me out but the fact that I am only 5'2" sort of adds to the sheer ridiculousness of the damn things. :rolleyes:

    Sod reading on your side, you should try skinny dipping with boobs like ours - now that is a laugh :laugh:.

  8. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    PS: Laur, why haven't you posted this at RealCurves? :tongue:
  9. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    Stuff that - running up the stairs with a bra on hurts enough, why on earth would I want to try that?

    Unless, of course, I want the place to myself - It would be the quickest way to scare everyone else off :laugh:
  10. ~Nobody~

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    Ohhh no it isn't painful. Just hilarious and absolutely ridiculous. They float. :rofl: Trying to swim underwater is hysterical when you don't have a swimsuit on to strap 'em down :laugh:.

    PS. It isn't customary to skinny dip in a public swimming pool Sammie. Just thought I'd let you know :wink:.

    I reckon the three of us plus anyone else should have a club, and we should picket outside La Senza stores all over the country :laugh:
  11. Wonderstuff

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    I should post it on RC, i guess. I didn't think of that :tongue: I updated the blog earlier though...
    And I can't swim, so skinny-dipping's out. But I totally agree with the stair thing...
  12. ~Nobody~

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    Sorry, please don't consider this hijacking, but I was just thinking about the running up and down stairs issue... and I remembered something that made me laugh for ages before. I asked my Dad what he'd do if he had the body of a woman for 24 hours, but his own mind and thoughts. He said he'd go straight into town, buy a trampoline and a full length mirror, and pass the day that way :laugh:.

    Boys are silly :tongue:.

    Moonie, are you feeling any better? :hug:
  13. RainbowChaser

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    Oh, that. That was my entire month at the gym in a nutshell then, apart from the fact I had a swimsuit on. Well, that was with the red one anyway. My black primark one just caused me pain and made it look like I had none at all :eek:hmy:. Moral of the story: Don't buy primark swimsuits when you stop fitting in their bras :laugh:

    Oh I know, hence the new black bikini that Laur has a pic of me wearing :laugh:

    Slowly but surely we're building something with the RealCurves Forum (which Laur has only just remembered, apparently :tongue:) but as a new starting forum, things are going slow atm.

    Nice story BTW :laugh:
  14. Wonderstuff

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    That is indeed a good story...
    I dunno, I'm just a bit sad I guess. I wish I could feel better about myself, it's not just about the lingerie really. That just made it worse tonight, that's all.

    - and pffft, don't say I've only just remembered RC. I've been posting on the blog, like four or five times in the past week or so, AND i've been deleting troll members :tongue:
  15. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

    Sound advice for women everywhere :tongue:

    :eek:hmy: Oh my! How kinky!! :eek:hmy: :laugh:

    Me will check it out right now :smile:.
  16. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

    Lingerie has a habit of making things worse, because 9/10 times it isn't right. I hate bra shopping. I'm almost grateful of the catalogue element, because I don't have to trail around the shops all afternoon getting steadily more demoralised. :dry:

    I'm sorry you're feeling so low about yourself at the moment :hug:. I'm sure it's unjustified :arms:. x
  17. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    I just wish someone had given it to me before I did it :sad:
  18. Wonderstuff

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    The prob with catalogues, though, is that it's even harder to find a good fit...well I think so anyway :laugh: I trust salespeople more than my own judgment, even though I was missold a bra in Bravissimo :dry: Warning: t shirt bras do NOT "always wrinkle when they're new". They wrinkle when the back is too big and rides up causing the straps to be loose and the cups to fall down a lil at the front.
    And awwww... :hug: sammie
  19. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    Oh, so that's what wrong with it...
  20. Wonderstuff

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    Well that's what I think anyway :laugh: It's always wrinkled, and it rides up at the back. Go figure.
    The girl did fit me properly for my first coloured bra though :) It's a Freya and it's blue with multicoloured polka dots...I fell in love with it, hehe. It's old now though.
    Oh well, I have to go now. I'll see if by some miracle I shrink during the night! :eek:hmy:
    Nah, that would be too easy.