waiting for the boot to drop

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  1. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    the boot dangles in mid-air,
    suspended by a single lace

    a churning pit of acid
    swells inside its container,
    threatening escape.

    the tv blurts useless garbage,
    the modern day alternative to
    white noise on the radio.

    invisible eyes are magnetically drawn
    the empty places on the table, as its
    lone occupant sits, and hastily

    gulps down tasteless titbits,
    unceremoniously stuffed
    down an unwilling gullet.

    the door slams, a brutal percussive jolt.

    later, the heater hums a cross
    between a g and g sharp, trying
    and failing, to melt the ice.

    softly padding down the hall,
    an ear pressed to a closed door.
    murmuring, that started at pianissimo

    slowly crescendos into a forte
    of clashing keys, dissonant minor
    seconds and unresolved chords

    then, a lone tenor starts
    his solo in the hall, a sonorific boom,
    drowning out all in his presence.

    a crash followed by colourful
    augmentation, signifies a near
    climax to the night's events.

    the door slams for the last
    time that night, yet another
    imperfect cadence

    and still the boot hasn't dropped.
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  2. Petal

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    I like this poem:smile: good job!
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