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    i just thought id get this out ..
    so i went 2 the doctors on monday .. he gave me some more pills .. i said i wasnt feeling any better really .. and he said 'u have so many problems i dont really know what 2 do with u' :dry: he said he thought seeing a therapist could help ages ago.. and he contacted the hospital .. which is all good .. i think i need that aswel ..
    but that was ages ago .. and hes insisted that he sees me everyweek until i see some1 else .. which is kinda nice .. i mean it gets me out of the house once a week .. even if i dont really like it ..
    anyhows i still havent received a date from the hospital .. aparently my doctor asked for an emergency app. after i told him i was suicidal .. and they agreed 2 see me straight away .. but i still havent got a date .. i DID however get a call from some1 at the hospital 2 say that they had som1 cancel an appointment so i could go there for a meeting that same day.. the problem with this was they wanted me 2 be there only 3 hours after they had called! i had 2 say no .. coz its takes me ages 2 get the courage 2 leave the house.. i dont think it was fair tbh .. now i duno how long im gonna have 2 wait .. :sad: .. sigh ..
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    I am sorry this happened can you phone your doctor and explain to him you need a date and time for therapy so you can prepare to go and that this is part of your illness. Phone the hospital as well and tell them you need the date you can go. Keep reminding them you need this help you deserve it. The more you enquire the better stress the importance and the stress your under waiting for their help. take care but do continue to call dr and hospital and i hope they call soon
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    thx mary .. i will try 2 call the hospital i think .. incase they have sent me a letter that has got lost in the post .. i just dont wana seem desperate .. even though i am ! x