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  1. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    My heart is covered in darkness- A cold, boundless darkness.
    I reach for the warmth of the sun but the sun always rejects me.
    She turns her back on me, leaving me with the icy moon.

    Here, the wind does not blow in gentle breezes.
    It does not flow with intentions of hope and love.
    The wind comes in thrusts of harsh, cold air.
    Bring with it shouts of fear and anger.

    I once enjoyed the sight of rain- Natures way of bringing life.
    But here is rains constantly, causing the earth to flood.
    All I can do is wait here in this icy, fearful, dark place.

    I am waiting - waiting to meet the person who will shine hope on me.
    The person who will cover me in a warm blanket of love.
    She will dry the flooded earth and new life will emerge-
    A life over flowing with peace and happiness.

    - Courtney
  2. Petal

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    Lovely poem hun!
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