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  1. So weary, and waiting
    for the storm to abate
    For the strength
    to find one more place to hide
    from the cruelty
    that will not subside
    for creativity to return,
    for peace of mind,
    for peace with life
    to be strong again,
    so to ride out the bitter winds
    that blow all around;
    For blessed silence
    within thunderous sound,
    for light to shine
    through this darkened shroud
    Waiting, to be inspired
    I, without patience,
    only cold and tired,
    feeling my age
    as time passes
    waiting for change
    for the better I humbly ask
    with my helpless, outstretched hands

    for my faith to revive
    and to feel, once more,
    whole and alive;
    for my soul to thrive

    as I’ve slowly died
    a thousand deaths,
    through sorrow,
    which I’ve met
    in all my past tomorrows


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.