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  1. Jess

    Jess Guest

    Ok. dont be too hard on it.. I'm not the best of writers...

    I wake from sleep, just to sleep once more
    No rush, go slow
    For what it is I need is what I cannot know

    Leave this place, I have to go
    Thoughts dance around my head from ear to ear
    Everything I'll ever know
    Is everything I'll ever fear

    Living and fearing
    Both are one in the same
    Thoughts so endearing
    Brought upon by so much pain

    Wake up just to fall back down
    Never stand up quite strait
    Lay flat upon the ground
    Feelings full of so much hate

    Spirits of goodness
    Happy, excitement and surprise
    All things I know I'll miss
    On this day, my day, the day of ones demise

    Please please please don't laugh.....I know it's not good
  2. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    Why would I laugh Jess? I like it, its good. =) :arms:

  3. Sad_Rabbit

    Sad_Rabbit Well-Known Member

    Good one Jess. Yay, I like when you write poems. Rabbit
  4. Jess

    Jess Guest

    Thanks guys
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