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waking up is torture

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tired of everything. Just woke up and feel completely disappointed in the fact that it's a new day, it's torture to just wake up. Having to be alive is so painful.


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Got the same problem with waking up, i wake up and im sad and angry.
Today was a bit better,started mountainbiking(one of the only sports i can do at the moment bacause of injury) and decided to ride with someone from my work.So today we did a big muddy ride.
Most of the times i feel a bit better if i know i've got something to do instead of just sitting on my own waiting for the day to end.


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Waking up blows. I want nothing more than to throw the covers over my head and fall back to sleep. Sometimes I wake up crying, which I can't explain, because I can't identify what's making me cry.
I can definitely relate. Waking and getting up can be so difficult - no matter what the hour. I tend to experience intense anxiety and depression, and it usually takes me at least half an hour to get up after first opening my eyes because I need to regulate my emotions. I have a habit of "cursing the daylight" too, so I guess there's some anger in there as well. Sometimes I think to myself, "Not another one [day]!"


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Waking up is torture for me to. I woke up this morning from just 2 hours rest, felt bad and said "fuck this shit", and went back to bed.


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i am resentful waking up and am happy to stay under the duvet, friend arrives around 1000 and takes me for a walk and i go along like a lemming, i dont have the energy to think about where i want to go or not i just do as requested, i just put joggers on over jimjams and away i go and straight back to bed afterwards. whats the fuss, best safe place to be :anony:


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I know what you mean when I awake I say why couldn't I be gone in my sleep why?.I hate waking up to a new day as it's just the same old torture again and again.

am I alive

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Yeah, feel same guys. The most I hate about awaking up is the thought how big loser I am and what I am gonna do that day. I'm awaking up nervous and with pain in my chest.:sigh:
Yes the same just I dnt do nothing I wake up and sit I sleep thur the day and wake up at like 1am I dnt have nothing to do no school dnt talk to no one have not bin out side in like 4 days I just feel like ppl dnt want me around so I just sleep till night when no ones up
Can understand fully what you mean. I go to sleep every night hoping I won't wake up. When I do wake up, I keep going back to sleep in the hope that this will be the sleep i don't wake up from
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