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I find i sometimes wake up and just start crying........thing is i cant pin the reason why on anything....i mean yeah i am depressed and i know the reasons, but i it cant be just that.........my defenses are low in the morning.....but i think it must be my dreams.......i dont remember the ones that make me do this although i remember others ......... does anyone know what i am talking about or maybe somthing to do about it?


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me thinks your sub conscious is working overtime while you're asleep.

While we sleep and our minds try to work stuff out. When whatever is making you cry surfaces into your conscious side, then you'll be able to deal with it and the crying will stop.

don't worry too much about it, it will become clear what's going on eventually.
But I've been very depressed for a little over a year :unsure: I'm experiencing this problem too. This summer my life was different for awhile and all this went away. Now I'm back at school and it is slowly but surely coming back :sad: I wake up and feel horrible. Sometimes it takes all day for me to start feeling productive enough to do anything at all, and then it's time to sleep again...
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