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  1. I walk without end
    I walk without sight
    I walk without knowledge
    I walk without flight.

    I walk towards love
    I walk towards good
    I walk towards should have
    I walk towards could.

    I walk in the shadows
    I walk in the sun
    I walk in the future
    I walk in what's done.

    I walk in all virtue
    I walk in all pain
    I'm walking and talking
    and will 'til I'm sane.


    This was written and published (under my real name) in 2005, but after the events of yesterday, wherein I was ready to die, it's never felt more relevant:amen:
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  2. total eclipse

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    I love your poem hun and yes hun i hope you keep holding on you keep walking hun h ugs
  3. Many thanks and much appreciated.

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