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  1. Smashed

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    i just need time away. i feel myself cracking more and more often. i'm snapping and losing my cool more than i'd like to. i hate just forcing myself to disappear from the people i know care about me but i feel i have no choice in that matter. it could be a few days. it could be a day. it could be forever. i don't know anymore. until i can control myself. until i can control the urges to smash someones face into a brick wall i feel it best to just walk.
  2. Marshmallow

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    Isolation yourself isn't always the best way to deal with things and i'm talking from experience, sometimes when we get in those moods the best thing to have around us is the ones that we care about and the ones that care about you in return. Having your friends around can do wonders.

    I'm around if you wanna talk.
  3. Stranger1

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    You should talk to a shrink about your anger issues. They have meds to help stabalize these..Tharapy can also help..When I was in the hospital there was a guy who stabbed his brother in an argument.. It wasn't life threatening.. They put him on meds for his anger and they calmed him right down..I agree with Vikki that you need to be around loved ones and your friends for support..
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