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  1. wallflower

    wallflower Well-Known Member

    Collection of my own poetry.

  2. wallflower

    wallflower Well-Known Member

    The Pirate of Yesterday

    Yesterday had smirked and laughed
    Then he let the ego win
    For virtue of a violent storm
    As the serpent coiled about him

    God, he was once a gentle past
    A voice heard beyond the sea
    And soon I will pronounce your fate
    A voiceless earth shall sing~

    Yesterday, the rain did seem strange
    With a knowledge that escaped me
    And answers to an impulse's low
    Behold, the electric sky

    No bitterness felt, though evil was lurking
    The dark magician cannot stay~
    And I pierced the heart of his cruel mistress
    The rose, the vampire, and the lady!

    As your vicious power overwhelmed me
    Though godlike stars spent a dying wish
    To witness once, and to not expire
    Who haunts his destiny with bliss

    But thine eye of evil: a coward still
    Overwhelmed by the witch's spidery mind
    And so she trembled, weaving a web of silk
    To catch those little butterflies

    As our muses flutter about to shudder
    In the trapped room about them
    I realized at a final prize, presents for a spell
    This treason if you will...a lie

    We wandered about, as trickling time spent
    I called to the God of Yesterday
    He sent me a fairy, still bouncing about
    And I journeyed further into your History~*

    June 03 2008
  3. wallflower

    wallflower Well-Known Member

    The Glory of God

    are the
    morning sun
    rising from life
    after life again
    the peace and quiet of
    an afternoon breeze and shared
    laughs in our beautiful lives
    I know you deserve all the Glory
    you share with everyone gladly

    when people are in need, you will lend hands
    you don't feed the evils of mankind
    you see everything, know all
    and you know our hopes so well
    you shed light on the dark
    for our sufferings
    You cry the rain
    You see us
    and you

    would cast
    you aside?
    with bitterness
    for pains they endured
    you won't settle for less
    Than the grace to all which you
    blessed, the light is there, the light will
    always be here throughout our struggles
    Even when these clouds of despair hide you

    The stars still shine beyond all that we see
    A bright shining place full of wonder
    and miracles, divinity
    You are the morning sunrise
    you are the calming hand
    The summer's rainbow
    A child wishing
    With my God
    I am
  4. wallflower

    wallflower Well-Known Member

    *~*~The Fairy Queen~*~*

    Little Gillian had always liked to tease
    The fairies in the big oak trees
    And sometimes she wondered how it'd be
    To bring one home to daddy and mommy

    Tinker bell said that she'd go
    Twas a whimper first, then the voice came slow
    As her dream would soon foreshadow
    In fairy wings, she'd fly her far tomorrow

    To the haven of the fairy rings
    A place where all her laden dreams
    Danced about like a carnival
    Alight with funny angel beams

    Gillian would tempt all desire
    Any to scorn her bravest dare
    When into the forest she scurried away
    Away from them and far from there

    Where moon woke up, to an orangey light
    And sunshine casually slipped away
    Her heart simply skipped as the merry man sang
    Gillian Gillian come dance with me!

    But no dance lasts too long, because then came that trapper!
    All covered in darkness, a knapsack fit just for her!
    And with his hand, he wiped over Gillian's eyes
    The land covered in sadness, no more paradise

    Then the trolls stomped in defiance
    For the Fair Shining ones of the Hills
    Soon they came a-roaring
    through the trees they were storming
    They'd rescue the fairies from evil

    In a party of gleeful little sparks they danced again
    Tiny silver bells rung as the Fairy dance continued
    Round the orangey light they sang
    Gillian the fairy girl, Gillian the Fairy Queen!
  5. Lead Savior

    Lead Savior Well-Known Member

    I liked all of those, the first and last were particularly fantastical and appealed to me

    Great writing
  6. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Great poems hun :biggrin:
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