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  1. wheresmysheep

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    Why is it that when someone is suicidal but wants help with it they are 'attention seeking' or 'bluffing'?
    why is it not that they just realise that it is wrong to want to kill yourself, but they still have the hurt, pain and impulses?
    Just because they are still alive and 'threatening to do something' doesn't mean they wont do it. most people who say these things like 'they just want attention' are normally the firs to say; 'i wish i had done something more.'
    WELL THEN DONT PASS I OFF AS JUST ATTENTION SEEKING!:wallbash::crash::whack::boo::throw:
  2. Nyu

    Nyu Well-Known Member

    i know what u mean. someone told me that just a week ago or so, and it just made me act on impulse, and i almost ended up jumping out the window =/ luckily i didnt, cuz it proly wouldnt have killed me, just broken my legs or something, and i'd be even more fucked up, so i know what u mean., i guess its just the way people are that dont understand how we feel. but hey, at least we have sf and everyone here, who are for the most part understanding. i hope you feel better :hug:
  3. itmahanh

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    Know what you mean. And I've even had times when I planned out an attempt, started with it and then felt I didnt want to. But then I think people are going to think I just want attention and then feel like I have to go through with it rather than call out for help. Besides the version of help I usually get is the nut ward for 5 or more weeks with no real help just my meds being doled out at certain times. So the circle continues because I go home with no more help than when I got there and still feeling suicidal and still scared and alone. I dont want attention .... I WANT HELP! Just dont know where to look for it any more other than to end the hurt myself. Ce la vie!
  4. shazzer

    shazzer Well-Known Member

    I understand what you mean I've had doctors tell me that I wouldn't ask for help if I really was suicidal I would just go through with it and if I ask for help it obvisiouly means I'm not serious about it. Doesn't mean I won't go from the doctors and not make an attempt. Its a case of I want to die but I want help to stop feeling like I want to kill myself everyday. Without help and support I just don't see any other option than dying
  5. Nyu

    Nyu Well-Known Member

    wait, Doctors have told u that?!? wtf, arent they spose to be doctors....they cant say that can they? arent they spose to be "understanding" no one wants to die! if they do, its cuz they couldnt find the help they needed in the first place! thats really screwed up theyd tell u something like that.....:sad::sad:

    not everyone who commits suicide acomplished it on their first try. it doesnt mean whether ur "serious" or not. some people need to wake up. that just makes me so mad theyd say something like that :mad::sad:
  6. shazzer

    shazzer Well-Known Member

    Some doctors are just useless as far as I can see they don't seem to be interested if they were they would help you to not feel as you do. I think they reckoned I wasn't serious when they said that doesn't matter that I've attempted more times than I can remember but if I ask for help then I'm not serious no wonder I have very little trust in doctors. What do they want for me to actually succeed for them to know I was serious by then it will be too late. I want the help now before that happens :sad:
  7. Eric

    Eric Well-Known Member

    I agree.

    But you also have to understand where people who say that are coming from. For a while now, lonely attention-seekers use suicide threats to gain attention since it's a very alarming thing. Whilst a professional should take any suicide threat seriously, most people think it's an attempt to get attention considering the number of time "safe" people have claimed they're suicidal when they're really not.

    Of course, better safe than sorry, but you can't make everyone think this way.
  8. Nyu

    Nyu Well-Known Member

    I just find it sad that people can say these kind of things... :(

    no one should have to go through that type of thing, being denied any help, no one. it's just, wrong. :sad:

    well, i hope that doesnt have to happen shazzer, and that u find the help u need soon .=/ :hug:
  9. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    yes, i've got this off doctors as well. which really pisses me off
  10. *dilligaf*

    *dilligaf* Staff Alumni

    i am so sorry

    i have just seen this

    emma :sad: :sad: i dont know what to say.

    talk to me on msn.

    and remember, if you want ill come slap him for you if itll make yuo smile
  11. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    Ah hun its ok.
    I'm just startin to get angry now on top of the pain. I hope you got asleeps xx *hug
  12. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Yes I also know what you mean. It is very frustrating, and people really just don't understand.