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want to cry

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you know, sometimes a good cry is just what you need.

i do it all the time and i'm not ashamed

if people ask me i just ignore them, because i'm so used to being judged


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hi hon theres nothing wrong with a good cry i suggest you put on a sad song and scream and cry your heart out it may help you feel better to let everything out like a pressure release
hugs to you xx
Thanks for the quick reply.

I do often cry myself it is just lately i can't,I don't know this might sound stupid but i have fallen out with a friend who blamed me for something which is not true.


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theres nothing stupid here its sad when you fall out with friernds especially when there is no reason for it
if she was a good friend she would know you didnt do whatever your being blamed for id say give her a bit of time and she will miss your friendship too and then realise you were wrong to get blamed
Yeah i suppose your right,but i am not sure that i want us to be friends again,I have tried to explain to her but she is having none of it,I don't miss her.


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thats good then hon its her loss right? you need people around you that you can trust why should you need to explain yourself to anyone,you did nothing wrong .
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