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want to die

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This is the worst its ever been.i cant take the isolation anymore
No one will listen to me when I say nonone speaks to me.
No one.its not funny anymore.its not right.im at breaking point.
I want it to end.the lonlieness is too much.im crying my eyes out


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When I look in the mirror I can only see me.i cant see why no one wants me.
I cnt see why all the tramps and horrible people hve someone.


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No need to apologise for how you feel ,you are feeling bad and alone and when a post gets no replies it makes you feel no one cares,but people do, sometimes we just don't have the words and sometimes there is no one around to see the post but people care.
Not sure if this will work for the way you feel, but it certainly calms me down...

1) Breath in through your nose. Hold your breath, just for about a second or two. Then, breath out through your mouth.

Do it for about 5 minutes.

If it beats anxiety, it might calm down how you feel at the moment and hopefully get you in a logical state of mind.

2)When you get yourself at a neutral state, go take a long, hot shower.

3)Do the same breathing in the shower. Listen to the water and stay aware of the feeling of the hotness rolling down your body. Keep your eyes closed and keep doing that breathing exercise

4) Get out of the shower, and slowly dry yourself off as your mind clears. If you need to take your time, then, take your time. Just keep your mind clear of everything, if possible.

5) Get some p.j.s and loose shirt, hop in your bed, turn a fan on, and drift off to sleep. If you can't. Try reading a book (Get one from the library on depression or what ever the problem you're having. Atleast, that way, you have something going on with attempting to solve your problem. This will give you a bit of positive, knowing you're trying to fix the problem, and you should be tired after awhile and eventually drift off to sleep.

6) Next morning, you should be pretty rested. Your sub C. might end up giving you a little work in the night. You may wake up feeling the same way, if not. Good. If it does give you a problem, get up, immediatly, and start doing something. Sweeping the floor, washing dishes, mowing the lawn. These things will once again ease your mind. Take another hot shower if you have to. Soak in a bathtub, with bubbles.

7) After another peacful moment with your mind, fill it with happy stuff like music. I would suggest weird al. I believe one of his songs brought me from the whole *Doom and gloom.* That, with a little bit of exercise (You can get that easy by mowing the lawn)

*Make jokes
*Get A Hobby

The more positive getting stuffed in your brain, the less a negative thought can hit. It's gonna be a battle. I haven't quite won mine, but it seems to be working to some extent. So, give it a shot. Do these things til you see a therapist and maybe they can offer better tips.
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Starryeyed - people do care. I'm sorry you're having such a rough time still with everything. Until you get to college, can you go away for a few days, to get out of the house?

Take care.
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