want to die

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  1. forever_scarred

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    all i wanna do tonight is cry....but even that i can not do...mentally or physically....my body is falling apart...litteraly. just had one root canal now have another abcess....headaches are getting worse, so is the back and arm pain....have broken so many blood vessels in my eyes from not sleeping *worried* ..... so worried about someone here but still cannot get in contact....stomach has been killing me for the past week and a half....finally took a dye pill hoping it would help but it has not. i dunno how much more i can take before i break completely.....i need someone anyone....i dont care who, i just need to know that someone is there....i dont want to talk, i just want someone. i know thats a lot to ask but i cant take it alone anymore...i know its selfish to say i want to end my life but i do...i cannot live like this anymore
  2. lightbeam

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    Meg, there are people here for you, as I am but just one. Vent as often as you need. We are listening.
  3. total eclipse

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    Hi hun we are here okay and it is not selfish to want someone to hold onto to help you cope Please know that I care and iwant you to keep reaching out here for help hugs to you
  4. forever_scarred

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    its so hard to find the words to vent...they are all stuck the darkest corners of my soul....i just wanna scream but cant even do that cuz it causes unbearable pain in my head...just once i wish i werent so far away from people....to be hugged by someone....someone who isnt expecting the world as a reward for doing so.... :cry:
  5. IV2010

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    :arms: :arms: :arms: :arms: :console: :console: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

    I'm here too roll'n....
    sending you huge cyber ((((HUGS))))
    I wish the pain stops soon for you..
  6. People do care. I'm a complete stranger and I care. :cheerful: Try to rest, try to relax. You're not being selfish, I know exactly how you feel.