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want to eat and eat and eat and not

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Even care about how ill I feel or how much weight I gain. I'm bulimic but wish I wasn't now I'd rather just be obese but can't stand too much food in my stomach. I used to enjoy the control from throwing up but now it seems pointless like everything else.

Can't get no release from anything at all. Don't enjoy food anymore the thought of it can be ok but nothing tastes right and I don't really knw wat I want when food shopping just eat the same crap evryday not to mention foods tht don't agree with me I can't even get bulimia right I've completel lost all use from my vices pointless I don't knw why I bother doing it


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I'm anorexic but in some point i feel completely the same.
We got to the point where our EDs start to eat us!
You loved the control-now it's worthless compared to all the pain...
I wanted to be skinny and beautiful...Know I know that not even the perfect body could ever make me happy. I don't even want to be pretty-I'm just wasting away. I do it for no obviouse reason.

What can we do? I'm in therpie now. Doesn't help yet...
I'd like to cheer you up but...we both know that this is never going to end for us. Once you'r in...
But there's one thing you should never forget:

Maybe you will have bulimia your entire life. But buimia is not going to have you.
You CAN get in control of it. And you have my support =)
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