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Want to end it (may trigger)

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i seem to have gone backwards again. the reasons being is 1. i was assaulted the ther week the third time in 18yrs 2. I am getting nasty text messages from an ex friend. The friend is a major problem as i am moving 3 doors away from her this week. I won't be able to go out without feeling absolute fear and thanx to her i have had to give p things i really enjoy so will be stuck indoors with time on my hands to think. So i may aswell end my misery now. I have the methods and believe i now have the guts. How many times can someone be let down and used before snapping?


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Tell this person to f*** off.. You don't need to take that crap from her..If she keeps sending you messages =, go to the cops..They will have a stern talk with her..If she insists in still doing it call them again..make sure to keep it on the phone for evidence.. They should arrest her the next time..Then you can have a restraining order put against her so she will have to move..Two can play her game and you have the law on your side..
:smile::smile:Don't ever feel like you have to end it. I know you may hear this a thousand times but things will get better, you just have to believe. Don't be afraid to talk about your feelings with someone, you might have to go through a 100 people but never give up. Someone is out there and will help you with what your going throught. The main thing is to NEVER GIVE UP! I've never had suicidal thoughts but I have felt like giving up on people because some people just don't understand, but I haven't given up because there is somebody that will listen, understand, and not judge me on what I'm going throught. Please don't give up. I am here if you need me. :smile:
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