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Want to know you're not alone? (For music lovers)

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Bigman2232, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Bigman2232

    Bigman2232 Well-Known Member

    I know this isn't really the right section but I'm hoping the admins will leave it for a bit since everyone has access to the section.

    If you're someone who can make it through hard times because of the music that you listen to then I'd like to make some recommendations.

    Please listen to the new Three days grace cd "Life starts Now". While every song is meaningful and as a depressed and haunted person I got something from every one of them, "Someone who cares" is probably the best song on it. It really illustrates a lot of what I have felt and I think a lot that visit this site do as well.

    I also highly recommend the newest release from Skillet "Awake". I first heard them when someone suggested "the last night" and that song hit me hard. The newest release is just as powerful.

    Music has always had a major impact on my mood and while it is just as easy to spark a low, these cds have been helping me fight and I think many of you will like them as well. "Hero" and "It's not me, It's you" are my faves.

    Good luck all
  2. jacknife

    jacknife Guest

    Yeah, I'll just stick with my Bach, Handel, Haydn, Wagner, etc. But thanks.
  3. johny09

    johny09 Guest

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