Want to loose weight...

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  1. I want to loose more weight.

    I've lost 45-50 odd pounds in a month before from ... well, my apparent 'eating disorder', I restricted food intake and fluid intake and uppened my exercising. I keep loosing more since then, but I currently now weigh 140-145 odd pounds I think, and that weight isn't shifting, it isn't going up or down, just staying at that. I'm 5ft 4 and fourteen years old. I want to get down more. I don't know what else to do. Any tips for me? Exercising tips? Food tips? Anything? Anyone?

    Right now, I do exercises everyday. Situps, crunches, whatever, running, walking(lol, everyone does that!), dancing, anything else I could do? And how much or how long? Food wise, I usually have a bit of toast for breakfast or nothing at all, I have lunch usually, sometimes I don't, and for dinner, I sometimes have it. I eat healthy, sometimes I have the odd junk food, but I keep it moderated, ie; a packet of crisps, or a chocolate bar, something like that.

    I'm thinking of going back to my usual ways. Eating, then making myself sick. Starving, but when I've ate, make myself sick. Exercise to the maximum. I lost weight, so much, in that month from doing just that. :( I feel so fat. I just want to loose weight. So please, tips anyone? Any tips would be appreciated, ALOT...
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    this is stufff i know ell and u r not eating enough to support the energy demands on ur body so it won t let u loose it is storin fat to make up for ur lack of food intake. this is huge eat mini meals. and think variety so with toast have a fruit and a egg or peanut butter on it. i m not jokin the starvation tool our body has can shut down metabolisim like 45 % this is huge.
  3. Well, I have apparently got skinnier since all this has happened, the eating disorder stuff. I've seen people who haven't ate in a space of a few weeks and have got so skinny they were put into hospital.

    I guess each to their own.

    Anyway, I was looking for tips, and I appreciate your tips, thanks.
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    I have to agree with immure, you actually should be eating a litlle more, especially in the mornings. Not saying a huge meal, but something more than toast. Try some fruit and cottage cheese or something to go along with it. Eat a lunch too, maybe eliminate a evening meal. As far as exercise is concerned, have you tried climbing? I lost about 45lbs in a 3 month span after I started climbing ladders (for work) I don't know if that is really feasible but it is something I guess. Good luck to you and be safe.
  5. I have, yes, I fear of heights though. Lol...

    I don't feel hungry though. Breakfast times, toast is usually hard to eat becasue I feel so full up already, or just not really 'in the mood' to eat... Lunch, I more than likely do eat, at school, *it's a residential school*, we are provided a healthy lunch, so I eat that, most of the time, then for dinner, I sometimes eat it, but eat a little portion, you know?

    I just don't feel so hungry lately... well, I haven't for a while. I'll have days where I'm super hungry and will eat 2-3 meals, but more so recently, I've rarely ate. Lunch and dinner is probably two of the meals I eat in, but sometimes I'll leave bits. I exercise alot too, so that's probably keeping off the calories and fat and stuff for when I do eat.

    I just need tips for exercising, like what other exercises shall I do, or how much time of what I'm doing now, you know?

    Thanks anyway. :)
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    It takes 21+ days to break a habit. Google it. So in order to change your eating habits, you may need to stick to a meal plan for a least a month. A healthy one, that includes fresh fruit for breakfast that contains natural sugar for energy. Wholesome home made chicken vegetable soup for lunch with a green salad. A fist sized proportion of meat for dinner with more veggies and a small salad for dinner. Basically cut down on salt intake. Reduce sugar intake like fruit juices. Drink loads and loads of water, the ELIXIR OF LIFE.

    Sounds boring? It's not ... try it. You can treat yourself to one small dessert a week to help yourself out.
  7. Well, it didn't take me long to break my habbit. I used to snack alot, I used to eat, binge eat, then within a few days, I barely ate a grape, let alone three full meals.

    I don't eat alot of sugar, I have fruit juices with vitamins in them because I'm low on them, and I barely have any salt intake. I drink alot of water, I drink milk and I drink fruit juices. Occasionally, alcohol, *don't be too surprised 'cause of my age* though not everyday, only whenever I get a chance which is becoming less frequent. I don't drink coke. I don't intake too much sugar, neither salt.

    I just was asking for exercising routines more so...
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    Well since climbing is out of the question, I would recommend mixing things up a bit. Instead of running all of the time or such, try weight lifting or kick boxing (whichh is loads of fun:)) or standard boxing would be good too. I think our bodies can get used to the rigors that it is put through so sometimes we have to shake things up a bit. Weight lifting is also an alternative, some sort of strength training is good in combination with the aerobic type work outs. Start out slow though, try not to overdo the first few sessions and allow your body time to recover in between sessions.
  9. I don't want to turn my fat into muscle, muscle weighs more than fat...
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    Muscle burns more calories than fat so you should definately consider some weight training. You may not lose the weight you want since muscle weighs more than fat, but you'll look and feel better, and that's what really matters.

    Also, I don't even know what you look like, but you're not fat. You're body mass index is in the normal range.
  11. I obvioulsy can't post a picture, but I dunno, I see myself as fat, others don't.

  12. Best diet I have ever been on is called the cave man diet. Just eat what the cave man/woman ate 50,000 years ago. Three things, Meat, Fruit and vegies. That's all. No processed food. Think about it, there was nothing like that way back then. The cave man would only eat what they could hunt, or pick off a tree or bush. They didn't know anything about growing their own food. I lost over 75 lbs in 6 months. Without excersize.
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    you are a normal weight hun... you dont need to lose weight :hug:
  14. I'm fat though. I do need to loose weight. :(

    Thanks for the suggestion Heavon. :)
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    i don't diet, but have a habit of eating healthy just because it's one of the things that makes me feel better. i don't restrict anything or have any "taboo food" lists or anything like that. i generally just stick to the following though:
    - fruits
    - veggies
    - yogurt
    - cottage cheese
    - rice, kimchi, laver ... korean soups etc
    - a little bit of meat from time to time, but since i'm not a huge fan, it's generally something i make a conscious effort to get into my diet once in a while for the iron and other nutrients that i'm afraid i'm missing in my other foods (i tend to bruise easily and forget to take my vitamin supplements)
    - pita and hummus, babaganoush, etc
    - a smattering of greek/mongolion food when the craving strikes
    - sushi
    - oh ... and jamaican food. LOVE that stuff!
    - occasional pasta or italian dish when i'm at my dad's house (he's a serious italian dood who thinks a meal is not complete without pasta)
    - fish
    ... and then more veggies and fruits. those would be my regular foods that you will find in my fridge almost all the time.

    none of this is intentional dieting ... i just prefer the taste of those foods over others. and yes, i definitely eat more fruits and veggies than anything else

    and i'm lucky to not have a sweet tooth. i'll have dessert a few times a year, but no big deal. food is fuel, no reason to beat myself up for having a sweet craving once in a while.

    sarah - you don't sound fat at all. you sound like you are at a healthy weight. if you really truly and seriously want to lose more weight, i would warn you off of diets and instead encourage you to just change your eating habits in general. eat when you're hungry, not when the clock tells you to. do some experimenting with a lot of different veggies and figure out which ones are your favorites ... they're more satisfying to me than a bowl of ice cream would ever be. and just try to have a healthy attitude toward food in general. it's not your enemy, it's what keeps you alive. a change in habits, even small ones, could be just the thing you need. more energy, better health benefits, and no more counting calories or constant worrying about food or weight.

    hope you're doing well!

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    Blame it on the gravity. I think weight has something to do with the balancing system. To lose or to gain is not different at all. To mind in between is very hard to find. Find that balancing thoughts & maybe will bring us there.
  17. i'm loosing alot of weight without even doing aything now...
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    Hi Sarah.

    First off, let me say that you are not fat.

    Check out the body mass index..
    As you can see, you body rate falls well within the normal weight.

    Here are some good tips for improving your overall health and physique.

    1. Diet: As other member have already mentioned, it is important that you eat throughout the day. It has been proven that eating small meals throughout the day is a better way to maintain a healthy body weight than only eating occasionally.

    Here are some good foods to eat; there are also some good recipes.

    A few important things to keep in mind. Non-processed foods (fresh fruits, vegetable, meats) are always better than processed (canned fruit/vegetables/meats). Processed foods are pumped full of preservatives. The most common substances used for preservatives are sodium, saturated fats, and trans-fats. All those substances will increase your risk of developing diseases such as high cholesterol, hypertension, and heart disease…And of course they are unnecessary, bad calories. Do keep in mind that not all fat is bad. Good fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats have the opposite effect of saturated and trans-fats. When selecting carbohydrates also look for Non-processed foods. For example, choose whole wheat, bran, and brown rice, instead of white bread, sugary cereals, and white rice. Whole grain/Whole wheat products contain many more vitamins, minerals, and less calories. They also contain more fiber. Fiber helps us feel satiated (full) and improves the health/functioning of our GI tracts. Your diet should consist of about 45-65% calories from carbohydrates, 10-35% calories from protein and 20-35% of calories from fat. Carbohydrates and protein contain 4 calories/gram and fat contains 9cal/gram.

    2. Exercise: The key to losing weight is burning more calories than you take in. Though this phenomenon is true, it is still important that you eat a health diet such as the one I mentioned above. Engaging in excessive exercise without a healthy diet will only result in short-term results, fluctuating weight, lack of energy, and other health risk. You should only burn slightly more calories than you take in. Weight loss should be a long-term endeavor that involves a permanent lifestyle change. To lose weight in keep it off, you will have to continue to eat healthy and exercise. Since you are not overweight, you really don’t need to worry about trying to lose weight fast; instead, you should simply focus on trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

    Cardiovascular/aerobic activity is they key to losing weight. The more cardiovascular activity you engage in, the more calories you will burn. It is important that you don’t overdo it though. If you over train you my injure yourself and have to stop for a long time. The best thing to do is slowly increase your physical activity level until you reach your desired goal.

    Here a list of various activities and the amount of calories expended when engaging in that activity.

    I noticed you said you did not want to consider weight training because you feel as though that might make you gain weight. While it is true that you could gain some weight, the overall benefits are much greater than the slight weight increase that might occur . You burn calories when lifting weights and the long-term metabolic increase you will sustain from the increased muscle mass will help you to maintain a healthy body weight. For example, I have a very high percentage of muscle mass in comparison to my body fat. Because of this, I can take weeks off from exercise, eat whenever I'm hungry, and still not gain weight. Weight training will also help tone your body and significantly improve your physique. In addition, it will help strengthen bones, tendons, and joints. The belief that weight training is an activity that should only be reserved for guys who want to get big is a myth. Ladies can also benefits significantly from weight training. To avoid bulk, use light weights and high repetitions; and of course, make sure to do cardio too. It is best not to do long cardio and weight training on the same day though…And make certain you start off easy and increase the intensity slowly over a period of months.

    I realize that there is a lot of information here. Try to just make a few adjustments to your lifestyle each day. If you have any question, just ask.

    Good luck and have a nice day!
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    For your body weight, you need to consume around 2000 calories in order to maintain your weight if you are sedentary (not working out at all).

    So, if you never move at all, you need to consume 2000 calories in order to stay the same at your current weight.

    So here it goes...

    If you do nothing at all (no working out), the 2000 calories will keep you at the level you are at now.

    Here's how it goes:
    You need to burn 3500 calories per week (500 calories per day-either through diet and exercise; preferably both) in order to lose 1 pound per week. 3500 calories=1 pound. So, if you eat 2000 calories per day, and burn 500 calories through exercise, then you will lose 1 pound a week.

    Now to achieve this, you can eat 1500 calories per day (a 500 calorie/day deficit) or you can burn off through exercise 500 calories per day (a 500 calorie deficit) or (recommended) a combo of the two (eat 1750 calories/day and burn off another 250 through exercise).

    You can choose either route, but the bottom line is this: You are slowing your metabolism by eating so little. Your body takes everything you eat and stores it as fat ("starvation mode")...not a good thing...you WILL NOT lose weight this way and your body will start to cannibalize your own muscle (bad, because muscle burns fat).

    Muscle BURNS FAT! You want as MUCH muscle as possible! Muscle weighs more than fat and so you may not lose weight right away with weight training (you may even gain a little), but you will notice a difference in your body. You will look tighter, be stronger and feel better...that is the muscle working. The muscle continues to burn calories while you are at rest...so don't sweat it!

    So the ideal plan is this:

    1.) Eat 1750 calories per day.

    2.) Exercise so that you burn 250 calories per day (walk (cardio) 2.5 miles (250 calories) and weight training is advisable) (GET SORE! Soreness only means you are building muscle...a GREAT thing).

    So basically, you have now created a 500 (or more, depending on your regimen) calorie deficit=1 pound/week.

    3.) Spread the calories out! This keeps your blood sugar at a reasonable level and does NOT allow your body to go into starvation mode and store fat. The best way to do this is do eat around 5 (yes, FIVE) small meals per day, totaling either 1500 calories (if you do not burn 250 calories working out) or 1750 calories (if you are burning 250 calories per day through exercise).

    This plan will speed up your metabolism (especially if you do weight training because muscles literally EAT fat).

    Starving yourself, eating 1 meal per day is only messing you up because your body has no idea when it will get food next, so it stores everything as fat in order to save you. Eat often, but make sure that only 1500 calories (through diet and/or exercise) are truly absorbed.

    But you must eat more and frequently in order for your metabolism to work and burn fat effectively.

    PM me if you want to know more...but this is absolutely true.
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  20. thanks guys but this thread is a bit old anyway, ive had different ways to do this and they are actually working, according to the scales.