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want to stop the meds


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i hate being on meds
and think im going to stop taking them

im on 20mg of escitalopram and 1mg of risperidone.

i hate how sedated i feel all the time. and they're not helping. my lows are rarer, but more extreme....

so think im gonna go to the doctors tomorrow and say i wana come off them slowly.

im scared they are going to pester me into staying on them though...


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It's excellent you are going to do it sensibly and go to the doctors. Tjhey might pester you to stay on them, but remember you are in control.

Having said that, they might choose to change your meds. It's important that you remember that there are LOADS of different meds and it can take many tries to find the one/combination that suits you best, so if they suggest a med change, make sure that you listen to what they say and think about it carefully.
Sounds like you need either a med check or med change. Sometimes you go through several meds before you find the right one, but most people are helped by meds once they find the right ones and combo's. So I'd go see the doc and tell them you think you've got side effects and that they aren't working. Think that'd be the best. Thank about it hun. :) :hug:

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