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want to *t*

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god i want to so badly,
i want to go i want to go i want to go i want to go i want to go i want to go
sorry dont even know hat the point of this post was but as ive said i want to go...darednt, if my family find out! :ohmy: what if it doesnt work? what about my wonderful boyfriend??? dont want to do it to him :sad:
i want to go i want to go i want to go i want to go i want to go i want to go
sorry , no point, im sorry sorry sorry.
Sam hun,

I care for you so much, it would hurt if you was to do anything. Grant loves you, you love him, stick with it. I've told you your going thru a very rough time in your life right now with whats going on in your family.

Please stick it out, your stronger than you think and you can get thru this.

You know where i am if you ever need to talk hun.

Love ya

Vikki x
You can hun, your stronger than you think. ALOT stronger than you think.

We all have rough times, and i've told you this before, what your going thru i wouldn't be able to handle and im soo proud that you've got this far.

You CAN get thru this, i believe in you, believe in yourself for a change hun

i know the REAL me, i know i have nothing to belive in. i cant do this, i know i cant, been feeling like this for sooooo long, cant get through it, i just cant:sad:
Hi, carry on please. You are stronger than you think.
You will make it through and find the light.
Your life will have meaning after a while.
Just keep on going. We are here to support you through.
There is always like that. You are the last that beleive, but you will soon. I am sure your life will turn out to be great.
You just have to take it through the worst time. Fokuse on all the great years you will have. Alle the wonderfull moments. That is worth living for :)
" hugs "
Hun we all criticize ourselfs the worse, i believe in you and i wouldn't say it if i didn't believe it. We can all see your strong enough its just you that can't, believe us we wouldn't say it if we didnt believe it.

Hey, you have something I havent managed to achieve in nearly 30 years... a wonderful boyfriend! If I was you I'd grab my boyfriend, take him out for a dinner, take singing and dancing lessons for him, paint a picture for him... you have something worth living for, right there.

Maybe I'm biased because love / family is my primary goal in life, one that I have yet to find. I am not sure I can imagine why someone might want to die when they have a love-filled relationship. Others have nothing! Well, if you want, explain it to me. I haven't made 100+ posts yet but I'd like to get in touch with some people on here. :smile:
serene, i wish i could explain it to you,
i dont feel im good enough for him and I dont believe he really loves me, i have very low self esteem, cant see why anyone would want me....i know that if i did it it qould upset him, i know it would, but i believe he would soon recover, as i cant mean that much to anyone. he is the ONE good thing in my life, the one thing i am happy with but everything else is so bad that the one good thing doesnt cancel out all the bad ones!
PM me if you want, ill give u my email maybe i can explain it a bit for you xx
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