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Want to tell someone I am Bipolar?

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Noone really knows apart from my mother who still doesnt believe it. I really want to just tell a friend just to get it out there but Im not sure how.


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I would be careful. I would be very careful... A lot of people can't take it. I lost one of my two longest friends to telling him about it. That's not atypical. Most health care practitioners suggest you keep it under wraps... Maybe try to gauge his/her view on mental illness some other way?


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I would tell my friend. If they're a true friend they will support you no matter what. A mental illness is not something to be ashamed of, it can happen to anyone.
Hi anarulesmenow,

I agree with aoeu. Be carefull who you tell. I've lost friends and had collegues never speak to me again.

It's really weird! Why people react that way.

One month after I was diagnosed with bp my wife asked for (and got) a divorce. My friends lasted longer but eventually went the way of the wind too.

In my experience, if you tell people, most of them will automatically view your disorder as a weakness and they immediately take a dominant stance.

I agree with Inmemoryofyou too, but you really have to have a good friend. I thought I had good friends, but they are all gone now.

maybe you could test the waters by saying you saw something on tv about bipolar and how it made you feel. then you could ask her what she thinks. if it goes well you could disclose more.

for me, i'm bipolar. everyone knows, family and friends. it's been okay, with one exception. i'm sad about the loss of that one friendship but glad to be "out" with the rest of them.
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