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Wanted to recommend two great sites for survivors

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If you are looking for further support i want to recommend these two great sites for rape and sexual abuse survivors. I am a member of both communities

Pandora's Aquarium http://pandys.org/forums/


After Silence http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/

You can share your story there, there are special forums for incest, date rape, sadistic rape, sibling abuse, assault by a female perpetrator, and so much more. There are also sections on sexuality and relationships, self-harm, dealing with triggers, parenting, and the legal system, to name a few.

The one thing you can't talk about on these forums is suicide, but that's why we have SF. I hope these sites will compliment the great support so many of us receive here.


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:/ Pandora's Aquarium looked good, until I was having a look through some of the public articles and basically found that the site was not for me.

Why doesn't she just leave?

(edited out earlier part of post, which was ok, to leave this bit)

The Patriarchy Still Rules! And Still Needs to be Upended!

The glaring blind spot is rooted deep in the self-preservation mechanisms of patriarchal rule. If the violent repression of women were to be recognized on a par with other violent repressions it would require nothing short of upending the missions of law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, and service organizations, and not just the adjustment of rhetoric we have now. The patriarchy.jpgmale-dominated power structure resists implementing its real powers on behalf of women in order to preserve the power for itself. That’s fairly obvious.
maybe after silence would be a better match, i hope you find somewhere where you can share your story and be truly heard and supported.

i didn't read that article, but i can't say i disagree with the author either. i'm a feminist and do believe that both women and men are short changed by the current system. we have an epidemic of child sexual abuse (against both male and female children) and i believe the roots are in a system that gives power and privilege to male heads of families. not to say women aren't perps, too. i guess it's complicated. never mind...

anyhow, i hope you find a place where you feel comfortable.
Hi, i am a member of aftersilence already so just wanted to state to everyone that it has helped me alot :) as u cna be open with them and thy are mostly in a similar situation to you so can understand you abit more (no offence to anyone on here). I've been on several websites and that one has helped me the most with my past


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Thank you - after silence looked interesting - I tried to register but I have been waiting for the administrator approval for some time.....

Oh well... hard not to feel unwanted.... again. I know it is probably the technical difficulties - thanks anyway!
TBear - it takes a while to get the email/authorization to post.

It looks like a great site, I havent' been there much as I'm a little fragile currently.
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