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wanting to die yet again

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I'm sick of living. I'm sick of all the petty bullshit and boring mind-numbing crap that has become my life. I want to burn all my possesions and walk off into the night. Life is pointless. I need to cut the foreplay and kill myself.
No hun, you don't need to kill yourself. No one wants that. We all care so damn much!! I love talking to you hun. Although don't talk much, i do enjoy it, especially the skype call with Terry. I want you to be safe and so do MANY others. Please stay safe.

We love you.

Im not sick of you living. I dont think you are boring, mindnumbing and most certainly dont think your life is summed up to petty bullshit. Burning all your possessions would start a cool bonfire but I dont want you walking off into the night because then I'd miss you and trying to find you in the dark won't be easy. I wish you could see what an amazing person you are, because you are. You are exceptional and someday soon i hope you can see that. I know that you are in pain, and i know taht you are hurting but it will hopefully pass soon. You are exceptional please don't lose sight of that or please find sight of that and hang onto the fact that many many people here love and care about you.



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NY in 6 weeks...do not loose sight of that...and we are going to have so much fun...please hang in there and before you know it you will be in bed with Kitten...love ya cutie
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