Wanting to Self Harm

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Special-Agent-Gibbs, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Special-Agent-Gibbs

    Special-Agent-Gibbs Safety and Support Chat Pro SF Supporter


    I want to talk about my Self-Harm. I want to get better but it seems impossible to actually talk about this. Like I could never see myself actually talking about everything. Can anyone relate?

    It almost feels like another part of me does not want to talk about this.
  2. truthhurts

    truthhurts Well-Known Member

    I also once thought i cud never tell anyone about it, and even thought it's like "out" now, i still dont rly talk much about it, even to my closest friends. In a way it's like, im basically doing okay so (meaning even tho im not over the cutting, i can control it, i won't do anything too dangerous), i don't want to worry ppl for nothing. I feel i can handle, but if tht shud change again, i'd tell my closest friends (meaning 2 ppl) first, and if tht doesnt help i'd go further. Cuz if u feel it's getting over ur head then u shud rly get outside help, even if u're afraid of doing so. If the first person u tell can't help u, find someone else u can trust (or a professional if u can, might or might not help, depends on the person).
    There r many things tht might seem scary when telling someone. Will they judge me? Will they stop being my friend? Will they tell others? Will they not believe me or the fact tht it's serious? ->if it's any of these or sth alike, they prolly don't care for u too much.
    I once srsly believed i wud never tell anyone, i mean, how cud i, right? But when u get over tht belief, tht's when u can rly start healing, i believe.
    Hope it helped some,
    best wishes from eiji-kun^^
  3. SilentScream

    SilentScream Well-Known Member

    I first want to complimentate you on making this step!
    It really is difficult to talk about this and to ask for help about it, etc.

    You have to keep in mind and remember that you are never alone,
    and that there always will be people who accept you.

    I think you should work in progression, with steps.
    I tell you two basic step which could get you really somewhere.
    1. Ask yourself questions.
    2. Find people who you really entrust.

    - Why do I self harm?
    - How do I feel before, while and after?
    - What do I want, what are my dreams, ambitions and goals?
    - How do you want others to see you, and how do you see yourself?
    - What do you want to change?
    - How do you see yourself in 10 years?
    - Do you want help and what help is there to get?

    Okay, this can be a hard step, but once you have answered those question you should have a pretty clear sight upon yourself and your enviorment already.
    Well; at first if you do have good friends, order them out a little. (This sounds weird)
    Think for yourself who might be the right person(friend) to talk to about this.

    Also you might get help from an instance, like a church or a youth-group.
    You also could try to get help from a psych' but I do not recommend it to do this too soon!

    Ofcourse you also can try to find buddies on this forum, and ask EVERYTHING you want.
    We are all here to help each other, and you are also one of us; so we will try our best to help you!

    If you have got any more questions, feel free to ask!

    Take care!
  4. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    Yeah...it was hard for me to tell people about my self harm, but most of them were kind and supportive. It can be difficult but sometimes it's good to have someone to talk to about it. I found that when I talk about it, it's less likely that I'll do it. I guess it's a good distraction when I talk about my feelings.
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