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    I wish I could just buy a buddy I could hang out with..... I'm so not looking forward to this up coming year.
    it seems like all my really good friends leave me either moving away or filling there time with a significant other.
    I don't mind spending time with couples I just hate how my BF's the one who know my inner self,
    the ones who use to come to me with everything, the ones I use to know all of their insecurities no longer come to me.
    they now have significant others who they go to. I see them leaving me, they only invite me to be polite. why?
    am I not as good? am I just no longer needed? why do I not have the same place in their lives? I still consider myself there friend but....
    its just not the same. I want a deep rich friendship and I don't know I just don't feel like I have that... I miss them. their so close right beside me sometimes but I'm still alone... I WANT MY FRIENDS BACK!!!! its not fair... I haven't done anything.
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    As people grow up/develop romantics - sometimes they move on in life.

    I can understand what that's like after seeing friends of mine even pair off with each other - I'd end up being pushed to one side.

    But you still have their invitations to places. Whether they do it to be polite or they see you as a friend still and want to hang out with - they are still including you. They have found significant others - so they are naturally going to turn to them first. Your friends seem to still be your friends.

    Maybe try giving some people support here in the meantime, you'd be filling that gap that you have lost where their insecurities they take elsewhere. That I think is the piece that's changed more than your friends being that way.

    A friend, by definition - is different for whoever it is referring to - but for me, a friend is there when you need them. A true friend is there whether you speak every other day about issues or once every 6 months or more.

    Having a deep, rich friendship doesn't necessarily revolve around knowing everything about the other person. That's where time and patience would come in.