War and sickness

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    War and sickness

    What is the meaning of this word?
    When you fight with yourself
    If you win
    You lose
    Here it goes my life
    You defeated me my other self
    We fight for so much time
    Our life depended on it
    They were numerous the times that I destroyed your life
    But you never gave up
    Your armour were getting more and more strong
    And mine more and more weak
    In the Hades in our last battle
    Half alive half dead in the same conditions
    I couldn’t avoid your sword that said….
    I love you, suffer and enjoy this time
    While you are still alive
    You could kill me with pills faking a normal life for the rest of the time
    But you chose the hard way to keep me alive
    I don't believe in Him that sentimental God
    The excuse to think in the eternity
    I don’t want to say those words
    That the life is a school
    That there is a Why? And a destiny
    That we are invited visitors to learn
    That we belong to something much bigger
    That we have a mission
    That we ask to come to this world but we forget it
    That the death is not the end but the principle
    Because although our reason denies it
    That evening and taciturn voice knows something that she would never understand
    That voice is My

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.